How do I stop getting trolled by spirits

Hi I’m new to evocation and can’t see or hear spirits normally. I can however get into trance open the sigil or use the enn until I can feel the presence or sometimes like I’m getting tickled in the back of my neck to let me know there here.

My problem so far is that some of the request that have been actualised they happen in a funny way like yes this is what I asked for but not what I had in mind.

E.g. I summoned some goetic to help me pull on a night out. I asked for someone attractive, age appropriate and healthy. i got exactly that very beautiful girls into me too into me …while there boyfriends were right next to them.

Other things I asked for happened in a way I didn’t want to happened expect. Like looking back at it like yeah it’s funny but I want actual results. Is this normal or common at first?
And how to I remedy this?

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I made sure it was the first post I did.
Any thoughts on my current situation or how I could improve?
I’m half thinking I was too specific instead of just putting trust into the spirit half thinking I should be overly specific with all requests now.
All help and input appreciated.

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Well you can’t remedy this situation unless you have a clear idea of how you want to spirit to assist you.

I personally LOVE that magick just works, and how it does what it does, is irrelevant to me.

The spirits will use whatever efficient means at their disposal. Efficiency in this case is about the least amount of physical interference. That’s why it all seems so mysterious.

If you have specific needs and expect things to be done in a particular way, you will need to put more effort into your rituals. Also be careful not to set yourself up to fail.

Trust yourself.



You have to set that out in the beginning of your intent and your goal, which is to contact only a specific entity and none other and that should do it. Now there is a little game to help develop clairaudience and I call it spirit eavesdropping and that would be what you are doing here you are kind of just opening yourself up to any messages you could perceive because you are desperate for results. With specifics in mind you should have no problem contacting only the spirit you want and also don’t forget to cleanse and banish your working area otherwise it’s like an open invitation.


Adam, can you elaborate more on your clairaudience techniques?

Well start with just doing whatever it is to get yourself in the zone​. Then when you are there just become mindful of the area right above your ears inside your skull and be receptive and stay focused on feeling that area and avoid thinking about anything but that area and listen inside your skull and sure enough you will start to hear random spirits conversating. This is what I call spirit eavesdropping just being receptive but not interacting.


It’s amazing how easy and natural most of this stuff is and one would think that if not preprogrammed from birth one might just figure this stuff out naturally.


Some say white/gold light being visualised around yourself can clean you of negative. But it it is also said that the effects last only as long as the light meditation.

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Just be more specific in your requests, say what you want in a clear and presice manner when speaking to the deity/spirit your are working with.


Here is a video detailing wishes gone bad and how to get specific without complicating things with spell work…