How do I see and hear spirits?

What’s the best way to learn how to see and hear spirits?


I have written a tutorial or two on this in the past here on BALG and I also have at least 4, maybe 5 videos on my youtube channel for how to hear them, and ways to heighten your awareness to begin seeing them. I also explained 5 ways that they can be heard, or perceived audibly by us humans. Very simple steps that are so simple many people wonder why they still are not catching on. In fact, the spirits begin speaking to and interacting with most us from a very early age but we dismiss these signs as just coincidence or all in my head when really it is indeed them communicating with us.

I really don’t feel like typing all of this out again so you are welcome to use the search function here since this topic has been covered many times and most recently, just a week ago or you can go to my channel and watch the videos. Apparently, the methods and tips I provided are working for other people as I have received many good responses from those who have tried them and reported back to me a week or two later that they had their first real conversation with a spirit and were able to verify what they heard from other magicians who have also seen and been told the same things.

I even just released a small video series for how to tell if an evocation was successful or made up in your mind, and is this a spirit talking to me or just an appliance making white noise etc. So those who are newer to all of this can tell the difference between real communication or your brain messing with you since I know it’s hard to tell when you aren’t aware of what signs to listen or look for. The info for the videos is on my profile page. I know I mention those videos a lot and I’m not trying to promote or sell anything, I honestly just see these questions so much that it’s easier to just point people to the information I have already provided instead of re-typing it time and time again.


My first experience hearing a spirit clearly (at least in my adult life) was Saturday. I didn’t really try. It just was out of the blue. All I can say is I’ve been meditating lately and trying my own homemade spells.


Try some of the links in the first post of the Member Resources thread, that links to some of the info on this site covering this area.


I can tell you from personal experience that you must first learn to gauge your own capacities to experience what you would like to. TRUST ME… there are beings already near you and any one of them could literally flip and switch but they would not do this for their consideration of you. Patience is very key. The chemical activity within the human brain which is very volatile and also the human ability to create personal alternate sensational realities are two reasons why beings are wary to interact with us.

Here is a very simple tech to try and this will help you learn very necessary early concepts. Imagine you are floating in space but then you see a dark form before you some distance. Don’t approach, just observe and see if it’s possible to catch any faint influence. Just practice this first. Don’t go too far ahead of yourself. Plus this will help you gain self conscious control and sustainment of alternate fields of perception. I can give you more of the tech if you would like to first try this for a period of time. Though, it is important to not try and overload yourself with too many methods. Remember there’s a part of your brain/mind which is a record keeper for you. Simply recalling forth already obtained data is a very good place to start.

Have you done much personal memory work?


This is a very good idea-exercise from RavenAscent.

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No I have hardly do e any personal memory work but I’ll try this. I know there are spirits around me because they’ve made themselves known by me hearing footsteps, my stereo and blue ray player turning on by themselves, even hearing my name called out and yelling and pounding but I’m home alone. This happens maybe 2 or 3 times a year but it does happen…

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I strongly suggest searching your own personal memory. That will help you gather a bank of language expressible to other beings. Many beings speak through exchanging emotions and memories. It’s like talking. Don’t ever let anyone convince you, you’ve soul any part of yourself. That shit is nonsense. Sing silently within…

Also, exploring your own memories will help train you to feel various emotions. You will likely also unlock alternate perspectives about your past. Learn to do that at will, alter your perspective without pride being initiated. Understand, even if you are a strong person emotionally or mentally the unfamiliar can still be shocking to the human spectrum.

Don’t worry about contacting spirits. They will appear in your dreams as various people from your life and try and teach you things if you are teachable.

What’s the best way to search my own personal memory and find language express able to other beings? I remember there was this woman I fell in love with and she died. One day years later I began to think about her and became really sad. She used to wear high heels and I heard someone walking around in the kitchen above me in high heels. I was home alone. I longed for her so much at that moment that I visited her grave. I still miss her today.
I’m trying to contact and communicate with spirits not only to learn more and advance myself spiritually but I also need protection from other people that wanna harm or kill me…

There’s a phase a lot of people spin out into during meditation. I call this the Flush phase. it’s like random flash images and blah nonsense that sometimes almost makes sense and the ego can even run off with tracks attempting to flush. It’s kinda like reaching into a recycling bin and pulling out track claiming it’s a relic.

After the flush phase theres a release phase and that will cause experiential streams to innerly manifest which can be surfed through like channels or even shaped. Though, those are generally reflective with memory and post experiential data also churned with subconscious alteration and even unconscious rooting. I’m not trying to use big words. I’m trying to use precise words.

So after that channeling phase then you are near the void but many people are long asleep or require deep phases to reach this level. However, if you already have established celestial, heritage, or initiated array, then at this point you may perceive any manor of things. Yet, there is another level which is the sustainment of the emptiness. Not simply darkness filled with blah ego hatred vengeance judgement Disney evil queen powers. Dark, empty, nothing, null, VOID.

In that very deep place of total solitude away from all light in the natural unwritten upon darkness through which there is no guide, that is what you are searching for. To be reborn to a true identity, one purely established by yourself in a world where all your influence is immediately presented before you sensationally in an alternate sensible reality!

Many people already traverse these distances… though their human apparatus’ mundane bandwidth may have forgotten. Most people only but learn to remember that which they have already experienced.

Ask yourself who would want to kill you and why? Make a list and diagram and if your spirit hasn’t given you an answer then you are probably just not god worthy material and your spirit is trying to protect you allowing you to remain ignorant. In which case continuing to seek these things out may actually cause the very harm you speak of. So now the question is, are you a prophet? :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally don’t think scattershot questions on a forum will do much for you, I think you would do best to find a program of study and commit to it - later you can branch off, add your own techniques and so on, but right now it’s like trying to learn a language by going up to random people in a cosmopolitian city and asking them what words they like - you’ll get a mix of languages, a lot of enthusiasm, but no context for them, no grammar, and less chance of using them effectively yourself.

It like if I wanted to play baseball, I wouldn’t just ask what shoes some sports star wears, I’d need the skill and agility, strength and so on, to make any use of them. :slight_smile:

Best article I’ve found on this kind of topic, regarding why learning properly is more empowering than just asking questions about small areas:

[url=]Magic needs a curious mind – the learning dilemma for magical students[/url].

… the amount of times people have emailed me, total strangers, with no introduction, no background info, not even a name, just a text speak sentence like: ‘tell me about eastern magic’, or ‘can you explain what magic is’, ‘can you tell me about Kabbalah but only in a few sentences as I am really busy and I don’t like to read a lot (yes, really….)’. The best one was, ‘I want to know what is in one of your books, but it has a lot of pages, so can you just bullet point it for me’ (I shit you not).

These and other sad but hilarious emails highlight this sense of entitlement (you don’t know me, but I want you to spend your whole day explaining something to me), along with the inability to learn for themselves. For instance, one question, ‘is there magic in India, if so what is it and how does it work”. Apart from the fact that you cannot truly answer such a question without writing a whole book, there is a thing called the internet, with amazing things called ‘search engines’ that one can use. Starting with a couple of words like, ‘magic’, ‘India’, and then maybe adding in, ‘mythology’, ‘mystics’, you can spend months reading various texts and books available on line. And the absolute joy of this is that you can focus in on one aspect that catches your eye, and search that, which opens up another vista of information. And on and on it goes. It’s called research.

Only then will a person slowly start to build discernment, and be able to separate the bullshit from the gems. It’s a process. And that process starts with curiosity, the willingness to read, digest, discover, ponder, look further, check facts, and check sources (and recognize the total bollocks): those steps slowly edge the person in to the subject matter. It’s called learning. It is very useful at times.

Full article:

This site has courses, and also books, of which I recommend Evoking Eternity if you want an overview of the topic that’s not limited to dark or baneful magick, that can take you from stage 1 of not knowing anything and (as per the advice above) give you a starting place to do your own research once you begin to see results, and there are a lot of other trainings available as well all over the place.

Once you’ve found some training you like, you can come back on here and ask questions about how to proceed or amnything where you get stuck, and the answers will mean something because you’ll have the background for placing them in context.

JMO but I think this will be your best approach if you want real progress - I created a patchwork of techniques and stuff myself during childhood, but it only came together for me into a cohesive whole after training properly in healing techniques that involved soul travel and a learning specific methods, as used by many other people with success. :slight_smile:

Just talk the spirit. the will talk back, you must turn out, focus only on the spirit. The more you focus the spirit into this world the spirit will manifest can contact will be.
The more you do evocation your eye’s and ears will tune in.

Is RavensAscent’s YouTube still active?
I tried clicking the link posted, but it’s not working.