How do I remove a negative entity attached to a space?

Hey everyone,

There’s been a negative spirit within a room for a really long time now ( 20+ years ), multiple people spotting it over the years without knowing about it beforehand. It seems to be only within one room and there aren’t any major effects in other areas. It is physically manifesting to appearance for some people, and moving objects in the room.

I am not sure about the nature of this spirit at all, perhaps someone who lived in the room before, or maybe it is attached to an object in the room. I would like to try and banish it in some way, or at least try to interact with it and make it calm down. I have only worked with Goetic demons before, so some magic in the realm of Goetia might be ideal.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to make this entity go away, or to make it act peaceful and possibly even help me? I feel kind of bad banishing it because I think it may be someone who was related to me. Ideally I just want it to stop manifesting in scary ways, or to communicate and see what it wants.


Well, to ease your concern over whether it’s someone you knew or were related to, you either have to look up a way of communicating with it or find a medium who will. If you’re comfortable with any of the Goetics, you can ask one to mediate for you, so you don’t have to be as worried about whether you’re speaking with the right spirit.


I’d star ruby its ass. You could try to make friends and communicate with it too but that’s riskier and more intensive with fewer guarantees about the outcome.


Manifesting itself and moving objects? That’s a powerful spirit.

I would reach out and talk to it. Find out what it wants. You could develop a nice ally to call upon when needed.

If it is a shade, call upon a psychopomp entity to escort it to the afterlife.


Evoke the spirit

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