How do I practice the occult in the military?

Hello, I currently in living in a dorm-like room in some barracks with some roommates. I want to practice the occult and evoke spirits (usually demons) but what if I’m not allowed to have candles in my room? At least one of my roommates is Christian (Catholic I think?) so I don’t think I could do something such as chanting to evoke Azazel or talk to entities without an awkward moment (at least) occurring. We all sleep in the same room. I have lockers with some flat parts where I may be able to make an “altar” of sorts. Would that work, and what are some easy ideas to make an altar that’s not to big in a tall locker with a rectangular metal plate to use as a desk (forgot the word for it)? Let’s say I brought in some pizza for King Paimon, Belial, Dra’talon, or Azazel; wouldn’t it start to get rotten if I left food in there? When would I know if it’s okay to take food offerings out? Do offerings have to be food? What are some things that these demons like? How would I talk to entities when I’m rarely alone and don’t want to look weird?

Also, when it comes to curses, I’m not going to be able to bury anything near there. I’d have to go very far away and have little opportunity for that and that’s risky. Are there alternatives to burying things for cursing my enemies?


You don’t need an altar, just draw the sigils, charge them and open them

Here is everything you need to know about offerings:

Belial likes black coffee, I don’t know about the rest

Best option would be astral temple as DarkestKnight said


In my opinion, your best option would be to build yourself an astral temple and do your magick there (you can even do astral offerings). All you would need is a space to meditate, and I don’t think your fellow soldiers would look down on that as it is a part of most fighting arts and is well known for its ability to build focus and discipline.


I’ve had a situation like that living in a dorm only had a locker ect, if you put an offering in a locker make it something small and won’t start to smell like a piece of chocolate or a bottle of water.

Spirits understand our situations sometimes you may have to explain to them, but they listen.

And if you want to say put some pizza as an offering let them know you won’t be able to keep it there long.


:thinking: you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Protein bars works too! Open it and put the sigil on the wrapper! I discard everything after 9 to 24 hours. Or wrap the bars back and leave them in a box! Everyone has his sigil on his offering so I can keep them in one box! Just make sure they get along first!
I don’t talk out loud! I push thought out my head to the spirits or just write what I wanna say too! No one wants you to be exposed or hurt so am sure they understand your situation!


I’m currently in the military as well. I live on the economy now, but back when I was in the barracks I would go hiking and find a nice quiet spot in the woods to do rituals. I did alot of sigil work, and something about being in nature helped me focus alot. You’re better off not telling anyone about your practices. None of my military friends currently know anything about my beliefs/practices and I’m going to keep it that way. Rumors and gossip spread like wildfire in the military. Good luck


Our ancestors had minimal if anything and practiced just fine. They were likely more devout than a lot of us too.

Most items used are to get YOU in the right frame of mind. When you are able, leave offerings. Even if it’s a portion of a meal or drink. That’s true sacrifice.

If you absolutely need to curse you have the feces spell you can do. And focus on your energy in your spare time and learn to direct it. You can call on someone’s astral self and lay damage there.

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That is solid advice.

This also is solid. Another option, as @DarkestKnight said, do most stuff in your mind. Use words like “meditation” and “deep thinking” as well as “crazy realistic dreams” instead of invocation, evocation, ritual or astral anything.

Start starting your martial arts hard as well. If you aren’t interested in the martial arts very much then look into the various YouTube channels and threads by @KurtisJoseph. He provides a very articulate explanation of the synergistic value of martial arts training as it relates to the development of your magick skills.

Also, people are less likely to fuck with you while you are “meditating” if they know it will cost them physical pain via your boot in their ass, to do so. These things do happen in barracks settings, often in good fun or as a means of fucking around, but irritating and distracting regardless.

Learn your military job well. Become a subject matter expert in what your do. This will cause you to increase in rank faster. More rank = more privacy, or at a minimum more authority in the crowded room to tell everyone to get the fuck out for 30 minutes as I’m meditating. Plus it is always a solid plan to become as good as possible with all your assigned task as well as those of the men above and below you as in a military setting, as that extra training just might become the most important thing you ever decided to do…and keep you from making a fatal mistake when the chips are down.

In addition, wake up 30 min before first call. Meditate then. Most everyone training hard enjoys their sleep. Stay in the barracks when everyone goes out on the town periodically. Got to get creative, just make sure you prioritize being awesome at whatever you signed up or got called up to do. As better performance= better reward (privacy).


Some ebooks here Files & eBooks (Downloads) – may be useful for this situation and other threads too; mainly “Hidden: living with the uninitiated” (but also “Scales of Ma’at: a guide for the incarcerated” and the one about disabilities, even if these two aren’t the case)


Balance is key. I knew guys who were very adept magicians in the military. They kept it very low key, meaning they said very little about it it. That being said, it is hard to keep it totally quiet as men skilled in observation will most definitely observe you reading some crazy devil/magick book by their standards and put you into a “dudes into some weird devil shit” type box. If discovered reading some scary book or chanting an mantra, shit happens, then just say “Hail (enter the scariest demonic name you can think of in the moment)!” Throw the horns up with a flexed bicep and continue doing whatever it was you were doing. Dont feed any weird energy into it and it won’t be weird.

Military units are diverse. Its normal, but the unit absolutely must have harmony, brotherhood and trust. Believe me, no one cares who you worship when the shit hits the fan, be it Yourself, God, the Devil or the honorable Larry Flint. No one truly cares. Thry just want to get home alive, and hope you are as fully committed to helping them get home as they are to helping you. They either trust you or they don’t. You absolutely do not want to create enemies in a group of people you may have to fight shoulder to shoulder with.

Terrible plan. Altars in shared rooms will be fucked with. Guaranteed. Buy a small lockable box, make a small altar inside, open to use close and lock when done. Protect your sacred things via big lock. Better yet. Pony up for a storage unit off post. A cheap $50 one. Use it for big events and maintaining an altar.

I may look into this book. I always like to expand the library. Thank you.
As for the OP, I also saw a book the other day called “faith and magick in the armed forces: a handbook for pagans in the military.” By Elizabeth Barner. Its like 3 usd online used, might be a solid read for your present status.


Hey there. Active duty as well. Keep it on the lay low or how ever they say it. Avoid speaking about it, because silence in itself is power. Instead, just trust yourself. By personal experience, I grew up in a notably religious household, so I enjoy the church and chapel services and rituals they offer related to my upbringing, but I also use that time to feed off the energy during the ceremonies, I believe energetic vampirism what they call it. As long as you keep it to yourself and be respectful, they will not think much of ousting you. The little liberty and privacy you get, try to explore, and express yourself there, in private. Any religious knowledge you have you can use to probe those around you of those who pick up on your energy. Keep your talks reserved, as in safe. Do not divulge what you know, but instead be a sponge. It can be tough, but that is the discipline you want and that will be a part of your life now during service. Accept this path of discipline through silence as a personal journey to discover and unlock even more of yourself than what is a more common path for those civvies who explore the occult. As it’s base root definition is, “occult”, or hidden, well now is your time to shine inversely. :metal:t3::sunglasses: At church I would for example trace sigils and recite them myself, or do the chants slightly modified, hidden in plain view and hearing among the sheep. Don’t have fear, but have faith, and caution to the best of your ability. “They” (our hidden friends) will help you out. You can have an altar, but it has to be hidden in plain site, so as if anyone asks you can just dismiss it as it having personal significance. If they question further, you just tell them it is “private” and that only you understand why. Ask them to respect your silence. I’ve found great company and surprising sympathy from the aleluyos and Jesus freaks. Just respect them, and they will respect you. Silence is your friend. :metal:t3:

PS … Females love my calm reserved demeanor. Shine through darkness and you will attract them to your light. Them as in, all will fall into place, your intentions, their behavior, etc. Remember, you have power here. You know and feel. They just fill in the void you have determined. Whenever you can, and it feels right, meditate.

PSS: Avoid excess, as in caffeine, whymsical or impulsive spending, alcohol, etc. Remember, they alter your mind, and create imbalanced unsettling shifts in your power. Green tea works great too. Maybe you can’t prepare it yourself, but there is always a way, like the cold bottled green tea. If you get the pouches, let it sit in cooler water and bigger batches for a few days, still works. Unsweetened, it looks enough like water to be put in a marked “meditation water” canteen. Be creative. Offerings, in the field, you can bury them. For fire, you can use mre matches or use ashes. Air could be in the gas from the mre heaters. A big part of occult practice is using what is available to you. Be formidable through prudent calculated mastery of your elements amd resources, as I say; Creativity.