How do I meet my shadow And go to my shadow world?

I want to actually meet my Dark self.
I’ve been to my shadow world ounce
That was quite a long time ago tho.
I met some aspects of myself while there
Never actually
met my Dark self but I would
Like to

Maybe try to evocate your shadow self ?

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Look into meditation around the shadow self, to meet your ‘shadow self’ you’re basically going within yourself in your mindscape. There’s no shadow world atleast in this case. It’s your mentalspace.

But yeah like Palpatine also stated you can evoke it like an entity however it will not show in the same case as it would when evoking a literal entity.


How do I do that?
Let’s say my real true name is levitormality
I repeat my name in meditation to invoke
How do I choose my shadow self to come to me instead of some other self of me?

Do it as you would evoke any spirit, but instead the name of the spirit say something like “my shadow self” I guess. I never did it tho

Could I say Dark self

Well … Idk xD

You can ask deities to guide you here as well and the Panther totem is very good in this area.



Okay here we go.

What you call your shadow world is not in fact a distinct place. Its inside of your inner world aka mindscape. You can go there to talk to your shadow. If you have a good connection you can talk to it without doing any meditation. Your shadow is a sentient being and it loves to bring chaos and evoke your dark side to scare you. You mustn’t get afraid and move forward and integrate it and that is the only way you can do that.

While you can evoke your shadow in a circle or invoke it you basically pull it from your ID aka subconscious to a conscious level where you can talk with it.

I hope it helped you.



So ounce I intergrate my shadow I become my
Shadow self?

You are not held back by the shadow.

Huh :thinking:?

You don’t become your shadow self, you intergrate it into yourself and come to accept those aspects of you that you keep hidden, of course it’s not something that is a one time thing as in many cases we take on things as we live our lives.

My ‘shadow self’ while I did not originally believe in the concept came to me as versions of me dressed in suits each with different color ties but all primarily dark colors, each one had no eyes and just had black holes for eyes and rigid.