How do I make changes in my life?

So first of all i am completely new to all of this still, I have evoked a few time already but I still consider myself a beginner. So I want to make changes in my life, by that I mean that I want to change as a person and I still don’t really know how. I’ve read from different users how Belial has changed them as a person, how do i do this? So I just ask him? Or is there more too it?

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All magick will change you. The more you do it, the more you will be changed energetically, psychologically, and sometimes even physically. Magick will make you more aware, more attuned to your environment, to other people, and, if done correctly, more attuned to yourself and what you are capable of.

Remember, you will also become more like those you surround yourself with. If you spend all your time with the demonic, you will start to take on their characteristics, and mentality. Same with angels, or any other spirits you spend a lot of time with (this is one of the dangers of necromancy, for example. If you surround yourself with the dead, you become like the dead.)

These changes are general and gradual, and happen on their own the more you work with magick.

However, if there are specific changes you want to make, like more confidence, more attractiveness, etc, then yes, ask the spirit you are working with to help make those changes.


Thank you for this, now that I think about it I would say that I have noticed some small changes in my personality. I have another question, so I have read from users how Belial has ruined that said persons life to rebuild it, so my question is do I need to make a pact for something like to to happen?

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Interesting, after I wrote my reply I now feel a heavy intense presence on my body.

keep evoking, and keep learning

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Keep evoking. Once you feel comfortable with a spirit, see if you want to move on to a pact if they can help you with what you want.

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No, you do not necessarily need to make a pact.

The first thing you must do is write down the exact changes you want to see in your life. Then, once you are clear on the changes you want to make, evoke Belial and talk to him about what it will take to accomplish them. Belial will give you advice, and you should seriously consider everything he tells you. He may suggest you enter into a pact with him, or he may not, but if he does, you will need to think very carefully about whether you are willing to give whatever Belial asks for.

If you agree to the pact, follow Belial’s instructions. He can be a hard taskmaster, but well worth getting to know.


Thank you

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if you know how you want to change, and have some idea what actions and choices may get you there but you haven’t taken those yet, then there may also be areas that practical help with procrastination, self-doubts, self-sabotage and so on may assist with, I did a topic on this: Time Management, Procrastination, And ADHD

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Thank you, good information

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