How do i know if a demon is communicating with me

So i was recently doing a invocation of king paimon and i was feeling pressure on my third eye. I was wondering if this could possibly be him or a sign that he was trying to speak to me.

Also when you supposedly hear the voices of demons in your thoughts, do these thoughts come sounding like another voice or do they come sounding like your own voice. I also was wondering, just how will i know that hes communicating with me.

Im sorry about all the questions​:pensive::point_right::point_left:


When it comes to working with demons, I think it’s pretty fair to say there are no coincidences. Yes, that’s him trying to communicate with you. You can work on developing your psychic senses to be more receptive to messages.

As for the question about how the voice comes out, it’s typically another voice, from what I’ve heard.


What I usually experience during my evocations, is the spirit wrapping it’s energy around me like a cloak, and then speaking very audibly into my ear. There is no mistaking it for my own thoughts.


Evocation is easier for me to hear the difference with invocation it can sound like a voice in my head but they use flowerly or obscure language I wouldnt use


Yes that’s a sign of communication. When they speak in your head it can sound like you or them, depending on the connection and your mind state. Ringing in your ears is another sign they are talking to you.