How do I hear and see my succubus?

I haven’t had much luck with my succubus for the past four to five months. I feel like I’m still stuck in the beginning–only getting a few touches here and there–and I’m wondering how I can make progress with my girl?

What do I need to do in order to see and hear my succubus? I ask her to talk to me, but nothing happens (fair enough; I’m sure there’s plenty of things I need to do before I can hear her).

I ask her to appear in my dreams so I can see her and be closer to her, but nothing happens.

And the odd time she touches me, I ask her to touch another part of my body instead of my right leg all the time, but nothing happens.

Strangely, I’ve also never once felt her during the day. I only ever get touched by her at night, and that’s when I’m trying to concentrate on her.

Please help me.


I suspect that it must be compulsory that we work on our ascension and psychic powers before we can enjoy a closer connection :confused:

Try evoking Sastan to open your psychic senses. Try unblocking/balancing your chakras and doing release work to heal your emotional/energy body. Try working on gaining psychic abilities in general and that should help with being able to interact with her.


I’m in the beginning stages of developing my relationship with mine and I’ve found for me anyways that communication through the pendulum method is working very well. I’ve been getting very strong responses from her and not just yes/no answers, I’ve made a home made alphabetical method of her been able to spell out word’s and give direct answer’s or instructions to my questions, can be time consuming but if you’re looking to develop and strengthen your bond I’d recommend it to start off with has worked for me. Hope it may help you also :wink:


For someone as ungifted as me, that sounds about right. lol

Thanks, Encore. I’ll try to learn as much as I can and hope it helps me.

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Hey, that’s a pretty cool method I’d be willing to try. I’m happy it’s been working for you.

Thanks, colin.

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Have a look at what I have written in another thread:

Getting an Incubus king - #6 by SpaceTravelr

You have to do energy work, chakra work etc, meditation and commit to it every day. I do kundalini yoga to speed up the progress and clean the chakras daily. I need deeper repair so i’m getting the chakra balancing treatments from Satan and Sons.

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Big thanks for this, Space.

Looks like I have plenty to do, but I’m looking forward to it.


I have a Pendulum too and I have asked several questions with it but the answers were unfucking believable.

I also have doubts if it actually were my succubi companions and not some sort of imposter spirit joking around…

But it turns out there is a girl in love with me and another one has a crush on me. They are both from my engineering undergrad courses and I cannot believe it based on the interactions with those girls. One had a boyfriend and the other one was active on tinder and messing around with other guys.

They never showed interest whatsoever. So I think the Pendulum stuff is just something for more advanced people who got their psychic senses more to really validate the answers.

I tried out automatic writing as well but that didn’t yielded any results. Need more clairsentience abilities.

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How long does this typically take?

It’s always ongoing, if you did it correctly you could see good results in a few months I’d imagine


I gotta try the pendulum method. But I found that once I let go of expectations and worked on myself like energy and chakra work the connection was stronger. I haven’t physically seen my spirit husband but I have heard him a few times and the physical touches are strong.