How do i get into black magick and Dominican Vudú?

I would like to dip my feet into black magick and Dominican Vudú in the future when i become more powerful. As of right now though, i would like to know any spirits or entities (or even my ancestors?) that i can contact that will lead me through this path to learn more about the magick that resides in my heritage and possibly teach them to me. I do not live in the Dominican Republic anymore, so getting a hold of a practitioner to lead me through this path would be tough, but i have heard you don’t need a practitioner most of the time.

Book recommendations, spirits/entities, and tips or pointers that would help in the future are appreciated.

Thank you!

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Its different fos of magick in the dr. Its a book call the 21 divisions, in amazon. But its not much. In tat part. Its palero, santeria voodoo, etc.

You would need to track down a reputable House that’s taking students.

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I’ll check it out, thank you.

Problem is I don’t live in D.R anymore.

Dominican Vudú still follow the african Loa gods, the Rada Loa, Petro Loa, Gede Loa, and the Taíno spirits/ancestors. It’s the religious aspect of it so you can evoke taino ancestors or the Loa to initiate you, not all initiations require a physical individual.


Thank you! Is there anything you recommend doing/mastering before you contact these Gods? I am a beginner and as of right now I am working on protecting myself then starting invocation/evocation.

Your clairs, hearing, seeing, feelings for the most part, taste and smell are lesser in my opinion. However, these are means of being able to scan and communicate with these entities so you know if they accept you or not.


Great! one more question. For contacting the Loa Gods and the Taino spirits/ancestors are there any sigils or procedures for this or is it all intent?

The loa have sigils but to contact them, I believe Anaisa Pye acts in a similar way as Papa Legba as a gatekeeper to the other Gods. Her avatar was thought to be the Taino Queen Anacaona.


Really appreciate your help.

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This book is excellent