How do I generate more energy for someone like my spirit lover?

So I have a Cambion lover who would like to remain anonymous. They need to eat too, and took a little energy from me. I’m in a little pain and feeling lethargic, and they apologized, sounding genuinely remorseful.

They need to eat too, so I’m guessing I just gotta draw a surplus in. I’ve set boundaries, and now I just need a method.

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What gives you a rush? Chances are the first things that come to mind are a good way to refuel. If I’m feeling majorly burnt out I go to a horror movie (not for the movie most are just stupid), go sit by a river, or go run a trail near my house through the woods.


You should probably ask @Star_Galaxy, sounds like thats who helped you in the first place :slight_smile:


I am using a lot of people’s sexual energy I get from my hypnosis server. I Tell people to cum to a servitor and he goes for that.

I’m missing the meaning of the reply. If you already have a solution that’s working why make this topic?

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I came up with one. I was already running it, I forgot it could technically work.

I basically mean I didn’t think of it. I set it up a few weeks beforehand.

Have fun with it. I’m off to invoke Muteatron.

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So he’s a low energy cambion? you could make a sigil that collects energy and stores it in large sums, as it does he can draw and feed from it.

I… Am going to do that. I’ve already got a servitor that holds sexual energy from my… hypnosis side experiment.
Now, I gotta play Tamagotchi with him. I am gonna make a servitor to gather energy and have him upkeep it like a pet.

How do I make him a little beefier? I wanna help him with that.

im wondering is it possible your your spirit lover to eat different energies.

Cambions are a mix of human and succubus/incubus/demon so they can eat pretty much anything or sexual energy. However, he can also return home to eat and come back.

How do I help my cambion power up a little, grow a little?

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Practice, develop, help him to learn how to develop his energy system and such. Even entities have energy bodies that require working out as we do.

I’ll ask him how he does it. He seems knowledgeable, even though he’s not all that old.

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That’s a good idea, that is a good start.

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Holy shit it’s been two years lol


Hope yall are in a good place :heart: