How do I find out about my past life who I really am?

So when I did a in-depth astrology birth chart where they need time of day and city. This was years ago I’ve tried to do the same reading but it costs money now. I was told I have Avatar Birth which was suppose to be really rare. I had many people tell me I would have a following someday when I first started waking up was told to write a book. I feel like befor I was attacked via mind control for the last 5 years that I was just accepted by all of the spirit realm have spoken in a loud voice that rippled the air but I couldn’t hear anything when I spoke, then someone else says yes occasionally you get to hear him speak. I even had another victim of the mind control randomly stop me in town the take me to a casino all the while saying how danagerouse it is to have two gods such as ourselves in a car at the same time. She was fun but the mind control twisted her it eventually got me too. I want to know who I really am I know I’m a old soul. I Need help figuring out my past lives or life I honestly have no clue how to go about this and was hopeing someone would enlighten me. I have basically no resources but can compensate with great vibes. Or if interested I’m able to absolve people.

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To find out your past life:

  • Alkashic record meditation
  • Past life meditations

Hope this helped

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When it comes to past lives I would steer away from astrology, however. I agree with Becca in addition to learning to soul dive which is basically a form of meditation but projecting inside yourself to your soul landscape where your personal Akashic records are within your inner temple.

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Ok thanx you two I’ll try to find a instructions manual on Alkashic meditation. I wonder if acid would help lol since it seems to give visions based on what is and what was.

I also think meditation can be a good way to find out some answers. It’s also possible to do past life spreads with tarot.