How do I energetically charge my tarot deck? (Question)

Hello everyone. Yesterday I oredered my first tarot deck and I am quite hyped for it. Since it is my first one I got a classic Raider Waite deck. I got it through Amazon and I just thought that it will propably be industrially manufactured. So here are my 2 questions?
1: Is there a way to properly cleanse the deck from any potential bad energies attached to it?
2: I will mostly use the deck for myself, so is there a way to bind the deck unto me or simply connect it to me for more accurate predictions?

call your guides to help you charge it, mix it for a while to fill it with your energy

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thats what i would do

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You can cleanse it with the easiest method: under the sunlight. But don’t let it for long to prevent discoloration. I find that the best way to bind your deck (or literally whatever else) with your energy, is simply to keep in on you. Either in your pocket or even better to spend time with it touching each and every card daily.


Is the deck new, or used? If new, there probably would not be any particular energies connected to it, and there shouldn’t be any need to cleanse it as such. My Rider Waite was store bought from a Barnes and Noble, and I found that it adopted my own energies very rapidly simply from handling it.


Shuffle it and try to charge it with your energy. Feel the cards in your hands.
Try to do some simple readings until you get the feeling it’s accurate.

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I charge mine by holding them and doing direct energy work and flowing my energy through them like they’re a part of me.

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Look up EA’s Tarot consecration video on YouTube.