How do I defend against these attacks

So there is this person who uses what I call ‘baneful sound energy’ against me and not for a good reason either. Basically what that is, is when he makes a sound if it is powerful enough it will feel like a blow to the solar plexus when ever he uses this it usually feels like it disrupts my energy it makes me harder to think and everything. Another thing that this guy throws at me is a psychic attack that when he does this, he wills my energy to be worse. I’m just wondering how can I defend against these two attacks. Now someone had suggested I can offset his dark energy with lighter energy. And I’m sure it will work but I need options so I can defend my self if things get out of hand maybe someone can teach me lighter magic so I can offset his energy good enough.

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Hello Dawson, I recently made a post describing how to perform a simple spell to make somebody lose interest in you and your affairs. Here’s a link. This is not intended to cause harm, but to allow your target to move on from you and to concern themselves with other things.

I saw that you made another post about someone who lives with you acting maliciously towards you, and I imagine this is the same person, yes? This magick should help you, but you may need to blend in other effects to completely resolve this situation.

First and foremost, a binding seems like it would be quite helpful in your situation. Their exact effects vary somewhat, but generally speaking, a binding will prevent someone from working against you. If you can, I’d suggest picking up either Magickal Attack or Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield. Both contain angelic binding rituals, and I have used both to great effect.

What I have found with bindings, however, is that for rather persistent or particularly aggressive enemies, they are but the first step to restoring peace. Once you have bound your enemy, the next step is to remove them from your life. The spell I linked to above could work, but because your enemy lives with you, you may require a more forceful method to get them to leave. Both of the books I mentioned have rituals for this, the former with a demon, and the latter with angels.

This does not mean that you must cause harm to the one who has harmed you, but if that is what you desire to do, these books will give you that opportunity. Alternatively, you can simply bind and banish your target from your life, and peace will be restored.

I would very highly encourage you to pick up one of the books (or another that suits your fancy), but if you are in a pinch financially, I can describe a binding method similar to the spell I linked to above for you.

Best of luck friend, and I wish you peace.