How do I correctly summon these demons and spirits?

So I received a book yesterday that I ordered, it’s called “Lucifer and The Hidden Demons” by Theodore Rose, I have a quick questions however.
So on each page that has the name of one demon as the page title, it tells you that you have to usually summon more than one demon before you actually want to summon the demon you want to summon for each particular ritual.

So, if anyone has/had this book and uses/used it, when it tells you to summon x amount of demons before summoning the main demon that I want to summon, do I need to do the indivudual pathworkings for each and every demon, or should I just do the pathworking for the main demon I wish to call?

For example, if I wanted to summon Lagiros, I would have to first summon Lucifer, then Astaroth then Asmodi, before finally summoning Lagiros, so would I have to do the pathworkings for all of the previous spirits before summoning and doing the pathworking for the main one (in this example: (Agiros)?

I hope my question isn’t too confusing, but I would like to know if anyone else has read this book and what is the correct way to summon the demons?

There are many threads about Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. Have you tried the search?

You follow the instructions in the book, which means you would use the images to connect with each of the demons in turn, because you are following a specific hierarchy.

So you would use the images for Lucifer, then the images for Astaroth, then the images for Asmodi, and finally the images for the demon you want. Think of it like contacting the main office of a company, who in turn contacts the manager of the factory, who then contacts the floor supervisor, who then calls up the specific worker you want to speak to.


If you read the book, it answers your question.

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Yes. In the order the author gives you.

Now, this is the system Rose and his group developed, working backwards from the Abramelin book (which seem to only have the spirits’ names, and little else, at least regarding this book in question).

Be aware: this is visionary magick, and working with spirits in visionary magick you have a guide that protects you (you can go on your own, but it’s not recommended). In this case, Lucifer kind of acts as a guide; it’s the same role, even if the book says you’re asking for his permission.

I really don’t get quite how this works as its most basic, so I would tell you to do as the author instructs. Period.


Oh ok, I know we have to follow the instructions in the book, it’s just I really wanna do it the right way also I didn’t see anywhere in the book that said you either just do the pathworking for one demon or for all of them, it just says to summon different demons before the main one. The only thing it does re-emphasise, is that once calling on Lucifer, that you do not have to call on him again.

I was mainly confused about if they would consider the pathworkings to be a summoning, that’s all. Maybe I sound stupid, but my brain just needs exact language, no vagueness.

As for the search, nothing of relevance turned up when searching for the book itself, so perhaps I wasn’t searching using the right words.

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I feel you’ve taken what I said out of context (if this is not the case, then my apologies) with the quote, the main question there was:

That was all, ok I did skip some pages initially, but I went back and read them in depth and it only reiterates that you need to summon each demon before the main one you wish to summon, but without saying the exact words ‘do the pathworking for each demon, before doing the pathworking (and summoning) for this particular demon’ - if the book had included those exact words in the book, it would have been easier for me to understand.

I just wanted to know how to do it correctly, that’s all.

I’m the type of individual that requires precise and exact language rather than vague language, otherwise instructions and sentences lack sense, that’s just me personally though, I don’t like any kind of vagueness.

I have read the book. If you refer back to my question, I quoted things from the book that I was simply confused about and wanted to be cleared up.

My main problem is that the author did not use the exact words ‘do the pathworkings for each and every demon that is needed for each ritual, then do the pathworking for the main one’, instead it said first summon x then y etc…

The other answers here have been very helpful however.