How do I contact or ask a demon for help?

So as I’v been looking at this forum and online, Dantalion definitely seems to be the spirit who I more so want lean towards as far as having communication. Problem is… I don’t know how to contact him / her :man_shrugging:t5:. Can someone tell me how to get in contact with him?

Of course, you can find other options for evocate a Spirit/Deity. You don’t need to performance big rituals to it, at all.

And I’d like to recommend to read my topic:

@PrinceX and @Narsonix wrote some cool comments about attracting a Deity’s attention (what was my goal with this topic).


Oh my… ARE YOU SERIOUS??? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THEY ( Dantalion, Sitri, Lucifer, Satan, Sallos, ect ) WERE LISTENING AND WATCHING THE WHOLE TIME??? Why didn’t any of them ever speak up!!! D: lol


They are watching and listening all the time. We humans are usually not sensitive enough in our astral senses to see or hear them.
Some people can perceive them and talk with them. Most of us cannot, yet.


It isn’t so easy when your head is filled up with so much talks in the same time, and you just try to figure out who is talking to you momentarily.

But yes, @Curtisology , @jbkbmz is right. They can hear you, see you and listen you all the time. And if you working enough hard on your senses, you’ll able to sense Them, hear Them and talking to Them.


Watch and learn.


Thank you!!! So can I still make requests without evoking them? Like if they see me doing my end of the deal ahead of time, then will they do there end too?


All I can say is we can only hope so

So can I still make requests without evoking them?

Yes, it is clearly possible. I do it several times, in the case of Belial, Sitri and Chernobog as well.

You just make sure that they aren’t imposters, parasites.


One can get the sigl of the Demon one wants to contact, and , IF, one wants to go all the way, they can offer a little blood on the sigil,and, better yet, offer to let the Demon co inhabit one’s one’s physical body 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Just offer the Demon one’s own blood, ( to inhabit one’s one’s own blood DNA, inside one’s body 24/7.
Then one can also ask the Demon to perform whatever it is you want the Demon to do.
( Might be best to check that the Demon is safe for the human body and blood to carry inside.
This is called a ‘living sacrifice’.
The person offers the Demon, or angel, spirit, etc. to possess oneself and enjoy the physical life.
( I have heard many spirits crave the physical experience ).
Anyway, I am personally working on this technique.
I get a presence coming around me quite a bit, a barely noticeable, gentle, astral touch on the shoulder, hand, arm, that sort of thing.
Especially when I do intense energy meditations.
So, might just be my aura at that point.
Except that I sense a presence sometimes, and someone walks by out of nowhere. Happens quite a bit. So I know it is not just me or my aura.
But, it also happens when I am alone. So I need to figure there are spirits, even astral travelling humans, and remoter viewers around me. ( just people practicing remote viewing ).
And, these are just possibilities.
But I do know there is something more than just me.
So, back on topic. If one does this possession technique, then one can start to look for various things like, a presence coming around you, like someone is physically touching you, when no one is there. like something is pressing up against you, almost like it wants in, etc.
Anyway, this is one way to ask a Demon, or other spirit.
And it might scare many. I am comfortably doing it, and the effects.


Yeeeah definitely not into that idea just yet… I heard that offering one’s own body for an exchange isn’t necessarily a decent trade off… I’d need a mighty thing in return for that. I am wondering of pretty decent deals to strike up with Dantalion or Lucifer however. I heard Dantalion likes things of emotional value so I’ll look into that.


It is risky, and one needs a good reason.
I also add, to my offer to the Demon, spirit, the condition that “no innocents are harmed or raped, and what is safe for the Demon, and myself.”
( no guarantee the spirit will honor that condition. ).
As you said, it is taking a chance

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Rupert Sheldrake has written about the Morphic Fields, therefore we all are connected on a spiritual realm and when a large group believes in something, they create a new reality thought form. The more people believe in it, the more power the thought form receives and the reality shapes and defines. You simply activate this power of the specific spirit within yourself and connect to it. People who fear specific demons have trouble with them, while others are completely fine. Your consciousness and own reality plays a huge part in your magickal experience, I believe.
I even think the entities we summon might not always be the specific demon, but our consciousness allows them to act in a specific way and connect to us (they get energy from us) and have an experience of their own.

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Dang. Lucifer didn’t even give me a word of advice for my personal life and this is my* post :joy:. I see how it is boss man lol

Hey man if the big Boss Lucifer said that. I’d pay respect to it. I dont know if he really told you that or not, but I’m sure he knows quite a lot considering how long he’s been around

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But hey man is there anything that Lucifer can say concerning me? I would be honored to hear a word from his majesty ( not even being sarcastic )

No, no that was him placing those thoughts into my head. We know eachother in a personal way, also it is time for you to know your god form.

His words not mine It is time

U can have your god form scanned in the godform scan

No what i have had him post to you is all, watch for the singes and learn from us with a open ears when we speak to you.

Also from he

learn how to detach from the result


It’s time for what?? The moment I receive a direction, I’ll dive into it head first with no hesitation