How do I become a initiate into the Draconian path?

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I just had a question. I have been on the temple of ascending flame site browsing and getting more and more interested. I ordered and am currently reading The Lucifer Chronicles. I have emailed the site for initiation and just wanted to ask if there was anything else I needed to do to enter in the Draconian path. I am open and very willing to unlock potential and powers that have been either asleep or hidden. I want to converse with Lucifer and the other masks as with the other Daemons and Goddesses alike that lead into the void that leads to self-illumination and self-deification. My name is Scott by the way and I really feel this is my path or at least the start of my path.


I think Asenath Mason has a program for that path.


The Draconian path is self-initiatory. I highly recommend buying Asenath Mason’s Draconian Ritual Book to get started. It’s a little bit of a step back for me right now because I bought another one of her books out of curiosity and I found that there were some information gaps I was missing.

Interestingly I summoned a Draconian entity before I picked up this book and I didn’t know she was incorporated into the tradition. So I guess summoning Sekhmet is a possibility for initiation.


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