How do evocations/invocations change you?

I am researching a lot on evoking and invoking demons and I keep seeing people say that it will change you but it never says how it will change you is it an emotional or physical thing. Also if evoking/invoking demons does change you does invoking/evoking spirits or elementals change you too, and is there a way to avoid the change?

Thanks for any help!


Hopefully, they will make you improve as a human being, according to your own personal nature, but that highly depends on you and with whom you work and how. I personally think that one could have a genie that grants one all the desires one may have, but that sucks if one is still an immature, undeveloped and overall shitty person who sucks at living, and thus can’t do anything productive or even amusing with all those desires granted


I’ve found all the changes positive thusfar. It is probably going to depend upon how you are invoking or evoking them and for what purpose. I do a lot of work in the astral realm with Lilith and now Belial. It’s helped me to advance my soul traveling skills and bring comfort to me right now since I live alone and and separated from my partners and family and friends.


It involves directly with what it grants / energy of the entity, an ambiguous analysis must be made, because a spirit that for example: Makes the waters storms, analyzing would mean creating storms, or in the spiritual meaning, make things calm become in fights or cases of discord;
That said, the energy and history of the entity (eg, the Roman god Pluto, Mars, or the Egyptian goddess Hator) should be understood so that the evocator knows what energies he is pretending to, wisely.
I evoked Leraje, and checked his “discord”.
The idea of evoking should not be to make wishes, it should be to adapt the energy for the magician’s growth.

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The change depends on what ur asking the entity for and manifest. If I ask for money and get such, that means i dont have to be anxious about money…Dont see why the act of evoking, invoking should shift the personality…never had that happen…

Do note personally more boredom related to human affairs…but thats probably less due to evocation, invocation and more due to just finding life boring. I dont see how it effects spirituality or energy…it wont unless u want it to.

The more you interact with something the more like that something you become, it’s why everything eventually turns into an echo-chamber!

Anything you invoke or evoke will bring their energies into your life, and since you necessarily have to live your life that means it’ll effect you. Some go deeper and deliberately change themselves from within, others simply change by osmosis, but everyone is effected by the things around them on some level.

If you want to avoid the change, simply be surrounded by the things you want to change into whenever you can.

Trying to simply stay as you are right now however, is something I’ve never tried so I can’t say, but who does magic to stay exactly the same?

i think you are refering to alchemical magic. I do it all the time il summon a group of demons and ask them to empower me in whatever they specialize in. Its a quick easy way to gain power and abilites. Just evoking them it doesnt do too much to you in my experience in terms of changing you. Invocation however does a little bit, whatever that spirit specialises in you will notice a small increase in and your relationship with the spirit will increase too.
edit - if you are refering to actual change to yourself even physical changes.