How Do Daemons Teach

My question is:

How do demons teach exactly, do they appear in physical form and talk with a stick in hand pointing to the board explaining etc or they show up in ur mind while ur meditating with closed eyes or even in dreams?

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May be. Or may be after you ask them a specific question they urge you to open a specific topic in BALG forum where you find all the information you need :wink:

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How about the ancient time with no forum?

There has always been a forum. If not on the internet - on the city square, on the market, meeting accidentally someone, or hearing a strange phrase from somebody that you least expect. Hopefully we live in easier times when at least information is accessible.
Other than that - if you want to be thaught just address the demons you want to get knowledge from and they will get back to you. Either right away, or you’ll receive a sign.


Do u evoke demons clearly for learning?

No, I evoke them stating my wishes and asking them to fulfill them and if they consider that they’re not able to fulfill them alone, or if there is any information that is hidden from me that would change my point of view towards the desired goal - I ask them to teach me or guide me.

Which demon did u evoke Crystal clear?

Many of them. Depends on my current needs. There’s a free app for Goetia demons. You could put your need there and it shows you the best entity to help you.

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I checked that out before, thank u for that.
Do they appear in ur place or ur mind?

I rarely see their physical form. I feel their presence. Either the sigil starts glowing or the candle starts playing, or all of a sudden a current of air comes into my place while the windows are shut. However it happened to me to see Belial’s eyes and his figure inside his sigil during my evocation, or Beleth’s serious and sad face while I was asking from him something that I had not been quite prepared for.
Good luck!

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The ancients teach in many ways, Sometimes through divination, sometimes in dreams, sometimes as a voice in the back of your head, a spark of inspiration with clarity or even during evocation. The ways are numerous to say the least

I have never had anyone come in full physical form only energetic form, but I think that’s partly because I know they are there and it’s not necessary to me. Proof is in the lessons learned and the results achieved.