How did you get over your RTS (Religious truama syndrome)

How can one get over there RTS? For those of you who were very over sheltered as a kid in a very religous home how did you get over it when you got onto this path? Should you get over it before getting on this path? How can I get over the RTS? Is it okay to take a break from this path for a while to figure my shit out? Do y’all think the spirits would be pissed at me for taking a break? Or leaving the path? I have heard time after time this path is not for everyone. I indeed have seen great things and manifested things and the spirits have done things for me as well but right now I am really questioning everything in my life and do not want to piss any spirits off should my path change or if I take a break. I feel as tho they will leave the choice up to me but I’d like others input. However I would also love for this fear and programming to no longer control me. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you all! HAIL :metal:

I became an atheist around age 12, 13. I demanded evidence, they had none. It’s a process and takes years. Eventually you detach yourself from all their teachings, specially when you find answers that make sense to some of your questions (and science can explain quite a lot, not all, but a lot).

That of course is a blockage of its own: now having faith, believing is way harder for me, and that was my number one issue trying to get magick to work, only reason I think it may have worked the first time was because I didn’t give a damn about it about the results, or whatever, I’ll probably never know.

As for the spirits giving a fuck about if you take a break or no, I don’t think they mind, as long as you finish anything you’ve promised (your end in a pact, stuff like that).

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In my experience it can be dealt with, though I still get the Christian god’s temptation sometimes… taking a break sometimes needed and the gods will be there when you come back. :smile:
It really is a process and it may take years to overcome - when I started on my path I used V.K. Jehannum’s stuff exclusively and he had some rites and hymns for this kind of stuff… I usually tend to refer people to his work (it worked for me and it’s easy to get started with).

As for the practical stuff there were a ritual for deprogramming the magician’s mind, but he took it down from his site - I have it saved and can send it to you if you’d like.

This is a brief ritual of blasphemy which serves to deprogram the witch’s mind. The established tradition of Christianity is filled with known indoctrination techniques and is most often taught to the young. Many witches who are new to the path and were raised as Christians experience sudden, random bouts of paranoia about damnation, and many have dreams where they see a darksome entity and cry out for the Christian deity in fear. The church uses hymns for the same reason that the military uses cadences ( jogging songs): people subconsciously develop an emotional bond when they sing together. The kind of story telling contained in the majority of the Bible ordinarily bypasses the reasoning faculties of the mind– that’s why children’s stories so often illustrate moral values because that. When you repeat a phrase over and over again, such as when memorizing pieces of scripture, the content of the phrase sinks into the subconscious.

This is just what it was about. I’ve heard that the Lord’s Prayer Backwards can be effective too.


Thank you very much. Do you think they’d care if I ended all pacts and then left for good? Honestly I was beyond sheltered. My upbringing was not like most peoples and this path may be in to much conflict with my core being to stay in it. Maybe I’ll have to change my being

Thank you very much. That may not be such a bad idea

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As long as you do your part, I don’t think they’ll care all that much.

I struggled for years with thoughts in the back of my head “God won’t protect me from the devil if say I don’t believe in him”. I was 14 or so, so I had the very smart idea of… going to the outskirts of the city and call the devil and try to pick a fight! :man_facepalming:

Yeah, it was very stupid. But guess what? Fucker didn’t came, so it was either 1- fucker is afraid of me or 2- fucker doens’t exists at all. In any event, it helped me a little. While I’m not sugesting to do something so ridiculous, I do believe that any action that push you to feel more comfortable is worth taking.

You probably need to grow up from the social conditioning given to people by religions. You do not need their morals to be a good person.


I dont think I ever had it, sure I had some fears and joys with being christian (hated going to church yada yada) but I literally as a kid was just like “i dont want to do this anymore” and went on my way. Though I did flick off the sky in a way it was like “fuck you god, fuck you michael” lmao but that was from a different reason.


I was raised Catholic and my dad was agnostic, so I will be honest and say I can’t quite relate, but maybe the thing to keep in mind is the why you are on this path in the first place. I mean, I’m sure that some aspect of your fundamentalist upbringing was no longer serving you in your life, or you wouldn’t be here, instead you would still be back with that same religion, or maybe you would switch to a different outward religion and approach it the same way.

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religious trauma syndrome?? it’s all made up BS label. You can call anything an illness and it can be traumatic stress disorder. There’s no such thing. Everyone gets programmed by beliefs. Believe in something strongly and it influence your thoughts. If it’s a religious group shoving down ideas down your throat since birth. To reverse it . you just remove that belief. that’s it. nothing traumatic about it unless you make a big deal of it by putting too much emotion to it. If your neutral about something, you won’t have feelings that make you feel for or against. no hate of love feeling toward it. It just a matter of degree of importance put on it. OF course since these are added to your brain without awareness since it done since childhood. it’s stay in the unconscious programming. So the best tool is to use the tool that specialize in mind programming. That’s hypnosis.

You choose your belief. It’s what grown up adults do. They will update their software every so often as they live life. The software is your beliefs. If you don’t update it then it can be others who put those thoughts in you. And they don’t know what’s best for you. hence the need for self cultivation to know self.


Thank you for all your help

Lucky you :rofl:

I appreciate your honesty. I kind of jumped on this path on a wim. Have seen some amazing shit but also am doing some soul searching. My upbringing was way more strict than most

Makes sense. I’ll think on this thank you so much. And I do agree wr can label anything a disorder

To be honest, I’m not certain that I have. I was brought into a religious cult as an older child. I believed what I was told. However, I certainly had my own doubts. I practiced magick (on some level) before adoption, and continued doing so afterward. I was introduced to Hoodoo early on. But sometimes, when I’m really making headway, I feel the fear of Hell coming back to haunt me. Not saying that I haven’t done all kinds of things outside the Evangelical Christian continuum, but I feel the draw back to it sometimes. I think the internet is helpful. One can see where one’s cult or beliefs came from, and do analysis from there. Knowledge, as they say, is power.

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Definitely can relate to you man in my own way my friend. I k how knowledge is power but beliefs are tought to deal with. It can be rough

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knowledge is not power. Application of it is power. I see too many people collect knowledge yet not use it so it’s worthless in changing their life. hence they have no power as they didn’t apply it. They are bright people being able to spit out info. They just don’t have power.

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Good point. I can agree with that. Knowledge requires application, and also discernment. Not all knowledge is good knowledge.