How could I do in this midnight?

I want to talk with King Paimon, I have been researching this topic for 2 years I’ve tried a lot of invitation for talking with King Paimon but I failed… I don’t have any nonsense wishes like money or love… I am aware power of King Paimon, I need a help for this midnight. What will I do for talking with King, I have a sigil I have a
incense and candles, I have a enn of King Paimon. I am searching exact solution of my problem.

Thanks for reading

It sounds like you need to work on your astral senses.

If you evoked him, he came regardless if you sensed him or not.


when i drink too much, I was in my bed and I told words (enn of Paimon) and I felt the energy around me. I have no exact thinks about that, it can be dream

I felt nothing when I try invitations

I don’t really feel anything when I evoke except a warm feeling once, and then recently- I heard a clicking sound in my ear. Besides that- nada. It takes time to reawaken your senses.

That’s probably because your astral senses are quite weak. You can develop good astral senses but it takes some time, patience and hardwork. Search about it on the forum.

you said It takes time to reawaken your senses. need more than 2 years?

Everyone’s different and everybody’s definition of ‘good’ astral senses is different too.
It might take 1 year for you and 12 years for someone else to develop good astral senses.

I sneeze… Or maybe that’s an allergy.

I’m not understanding the OP problem here. Are you wanting to see, feel, smell, hear, and taste the King P?

Is there a real problem he needs to address?

It depends on how hard you work and on the person so- yes.

Have you ever tried evoking a spirit and asking them to help open your 3rd eye ?

No, How could I do?

Uh I don’t know of the top of my head but I know there are some that can open it for you. Use the search button.

Oh sorry, I thought It must be best of listen to someone who knows, I will search

Your 3rd eye is open, you just need to work on your clairs.

what kind of things should i do for working on my clairs?

Heh Dr Adam Thoth gets so many credits lately :smirk:

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thank you so much…