How come God sends his angels and rarely fixes it himself?

I mean he can communicate at least right? I work with him at the moment and I’m doing old fashioned kneel prayers to.him the almighty

Many Gods and Goddesses send out their people to carry out their will. Sometimes they will do things themselves as well either in the front or in the background. The Gods get busy as well so if they aren’t in the forefront doing it they’re doing it in the background making preparations for things to go smoothly that their legions are working on for the request.


Properly delegating the work load is a key factor in good management.


I tend to think of it as all part of the same. Like an arm or leg I guess of the same body. Not even sure I think that actually :joy: I don’t really view “God” as one supreme higher ruling being… kinda go with the hermetic philosophy of “all is mind” and think I believe along the lines of “everything/one is you pushed out”

But angels work for me. I think I’ve somewhere seen angels referred to as angles… and angles of a consciousness kinda makes sense to me. Rambling now :joy:

Why does the CEO send an accountant to do accountant work or why does he hire a secretary for secretary work ? Everyone has a role to play .


‘God’ sending his angels are a means to actually fix your situation. Think of it like you are stuck in a midst of an ocean with a ply of wood, God himself is not gonna come rescue you. He will either send a ship or a boat as a means to rescue you. This his style of working you can say.

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Because we are not important in the eyes of god…

And answering a bit more elaborately to your question, assuming you ask about judeochristian god, imagine you’ve ordered someting from Amazon and Jeff Bezos is landing with his personal air jet at your oavement to give it your order. How much your posession would be destroyed by such action? There is only few people who God spoke directly in the Bible. And usually he was just a voice or a pillar of smoke or a flame. You sure you want a burning bush to fix your issues?