How can you cancel a written request?

I evoked a demon and asked for a specific job and I also wrote the request in a coded way but then I did some research and I realized I can’t get employed there so how can I cancel my request from that demon ?

I think the demon is just not gonna do this.

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Let the Demon work @LordVader
You dont know what Kind of loopholes he will find and open up for you

Hang in there


Yeah that’s what I thought

I think you’re right because I’ve seen them doing such things before but of course in completely different situations

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Maybe explain the situation to the demon, write after the previous req on the same letter, and ask him if he could still make it work using a pendulum. If he says yes great otherwise ask him to stop working on it.

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Good suggestion @ElectricDragon thank you

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You are welcome :blush: I happy to help :grin:

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Burn it

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Are you sure ? because some demons ask you to burn the pact for them

“” If your objective changes, destroy the seal and pact by fire and obtain a new one for the altered purpose. “


Ok got it

Thank you @Black_sensei

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