How can the subconscious be changed to allow physical changes?

Recently I picked up a certain path I want to do. It, however, inevitably dips into the idea of the subconscious being a barrier.

Supposedly I can make physical changes to my physical body. I would like to do this, and if myself and allure of otherworldly beauty. I’m not really interested in glamour spells.

See, I know how to change my body parts and stuff, I know how to do all of that. The problem is, the barrier of the subconscious is making it difficult.

Are there any specific methods you would recommend for rewiring the subconscious in a more active way so that I can make this happen easily?

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Visualisation can help: Getting your subconscious on your side


Thank you. I think I just needed to understand the process a little bit more, and your post helped with that.

I can very easily change what I view as normal no, I just didn’t know that’s what breaking subconscious barriers meant

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The theory behind that and affirmations, Afformations™ as well, is that the sub-c takes things in uncritically and cannot distinguish something imagined with great vividness and emotion, from a real event.

The Afformations method of asking a question and letting your mind fill in the gap is very powerful as well, for feeling out the limits of your beliefs, and then expanding them.


Well it’s a little bit different than an affirmation, but I definitely agree.

As you know, I work with hypnosis.I know the immense potential of being able to control your mind. So I did a few rituals related to it, and now I can pretty much control myself a lot more than I would have been able to.

A lot of the changes I make, because of this, all happen very quickly and efficiently, and I’ll never regret doing it

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The subconscious is the centrifuge of action and feelings. It is the storage box of all golden memories and all things we perceived or didn’t, is stored in the base of the psyche / subconscious.

Why it can produce powerful physical difference and change is because the subconscious is what literally provides fuel and action for individuals. We don’t act from the subconscious, we make our own reality based on it.

To make physical change, is to make action. Don’t ever forget that one! Take care

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I’m trying to find a different normality and trying to get my subconscious mind to agree at least at first till we can come to an agreement

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Hello. I am searching spells that I would be able to make changes to my body. I would like to make one specific change to my body. Could you help me please?

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Fair. Thank you.

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Yeah but i am totally new so I don’t know how to do it. Could you give me some information how can i do it and also if it is possible for real?

Look it up, please.

The magnifying glass is up in the top left corner. Press it and add search terms like body magick.

Try with this…

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In my experience, chaos magick sigils work well for changing internal beliefs.

Daily affirmations also work, but require more time.

I have this as a custom ring from Dreamweaver. Along with boosted chakra tag.