How can one find out about the odds to marry a satanic witch?

I had a sexual relationship but the other person wanted more and marriage. For me was actually just sex and fun. i should marry a satanic witch. Is there any possibility to see this? Or a spell to bring and marry a satanic or luciferian witch?


Are you guys in a relationship with people who do not practice magic? Does it function such a relationship?

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Interfaith marriage is always going to create friction. Can the two coexist comfortably? Even if they can co-exist, what are the children raised to believe? Even if you don’t want them now, you may end up with them whether you want them or not, and whose practices are going to be taught to the child? Could you tolerate being silent as a partner indoctrinates your child?

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Hello, I’m around because of the idleness of the quarantine, thus I will put my two cents here:
When I was into Satanism, I was in a group, and all the guys from the group, including me, saw themselves married to the women of the group. Nothing worked for any of us. However, later one of the guys got married with a witch of his same current, then that woman got a terrible, incurable disease and they had a son with another incurable disease and they are currently very poor.
Other guys I know from that time got into relationships with regular people, as they were unable to find a partner of their same current. For some of them, it meant that they left magick, for others it meant that their practice got hindered by mundane stuff.

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Apart from MINOR inconveniences I never had a problem so far in the mundane.
My SO was in the awkward situation to witness my transformation first hand. I wasn’t a practicioner when we met so kudos to him for staying with me nonetheless.

I am not sure if I would advise such a constellation as easily as that, tho. If you wish for a partner who understands your art you should follow that instinct. If someone has the choice one should make use of it.


Yes. My wife is an atheist. I wasn’t into the LHP when we met, but had been spiritual long before meeting her. I have my beliefs and she has hers.

Mostly yes. There are times where I would like to practice openly, but physical practice is such a small part of my daily life that it shouldn’t be seen as the focal point. That’s not to mean that I’m not researching or conversing with Deities daily, but that ritual practice is a very small part. I typically do this at night, when everyone else is in bed or heading that way.

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My husband is non believer all the way around. For me, religion and politics aren’t a deal breaker. We’ve been together 10 years and I find it refreshing being with someone who is very much the same but also different.

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I marry long time ago to a emphata self proclaim. Hoodoo tarot reader reiki wowen. Fights star first month since im. More into demons, she dnt. It was bad i leave her house. We still friends but her backstabbing and friends was terrible. Imagine a mob of peopls bcse a wowen slander wen we used to live together. Now i dnt pagans wicca etc. Maybr a satanis wowen. Only.

It can work w/ an atheist or simply non-religious person. With a different type of occultist (Wiccan, Pagan, Thelemite, etc.), it may very well work. With a Buddhist or a Hindu, it may work too. A Sikh, maybe. With a Jew, maybe depending on their view on Satan and Lucifer.

With a practising Christian (could be a Roman Catholic) or Muslim… That’s where problems may arise! In Xianity and Islam, Satan (equated to Lucifer) is seen as the absolute epitome of evil, cruelty and wickedness, the enemy of the Abrahamic God and humankind as a whole.

More modern, progressive and liberal Christians and Muslims may be okay w/ that. You’d need to discuss it w/ your potential partner.

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@Rav I won’t lie. I didn’t read the replies, only your post.

Try summoning Tul. From the kingdom of flames. He is said to know about love and soulmates.

He’s a pleasant spirit in my experience, though on the quiet side. I summoned him for someone else, and added the oh by the way do you have advice for me on how to fix my relationship with abc.

His response was to put a soul mate type in my path three days later. I say type because I don’t believe I have past life connections with this person, but he’s exactly my type, probably the nearest match geographically speaking.

Not to say we don’t have disagreements. He’s not perfect and neither am I. “Perfect for me” however is a real thing.

I actually posted about it when I was more active, about how sometimes spirits deliver more or better than what we wanted.