How can one feed off of a spirits sexual energy?

I am asking because i was wondering if theoretically if I were to have Lilith or Asmodeus turn me into an incubus if I could feed off my Wives’ (spirit wives of course) sexual energy instead of a humans. Because lets just say I dont really have any humans I could feed off of.

As far as I’m aware, succubi and inccubi don’t feed off of each other. Human sexual energy is considerably different to that of sexual spirits, being physically based.


I imagine

But there’s gotta be something out there astrally to feed off of.

I think it’d be wise to properly vet everything though. Don’t need to drain nasty sh**. You are what you eat after all.


I have also not heard of this.

I also don’t know you necessarily have to be turned into an incubus to do this. I have witnessed spirits “absorb” energy from others (for lack of a better term). If your desire is to feed energy off your spiritual wives, you may be able to do that without the paperwork, you should work with them though on how to accomplish this.

If they suggest the incubus route, then that’s your answer. haha

So then I should eat attractive extroverts who are responsible… Noted.


Yes absolutely

Even in energetic vampirism energy is contagious so choose your morsels wisely Mwahaha. But yeah seriously be picky


Rather than feeding on them, it would be a kind of energetic exchange. Anyway, can I ask you why you want to be an incubus or act like one? It’s a very difficult situation for those entities and they suffer a lot because of their nature and way of feeding.


It’s not that I want to be one, I am just curious on how it would work. Yknow the energy exchange for sustenance with a spirit.

Ok, I see. Well, rather than feeding on them, it would be an energy exchange, a magical exchange. All ubis know how this works. A well-intentioned ubi will do its part to contribute.

Keep in mind that ubis depend on our dreams and our desires to survive, but they cannot be “food” for us. The truth is that you can reach a circular and equal exchange where they give you another kind of energy in return. To understand this energy I recommend you to read about circularon of kundalini energy.

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Are there any good books on the subject you could recommend?

I have a pending list to post: useful readings about incubi and succubi. For me there is no ideal book about ubis, so my idea is to write one compiling relevant information. People usually confuse them with parasites and they are creatures with great spiritual capacity. They understand sex as something sacred.

For the moment I advise you to read Sexual Alchemy by Donald Tyson and Rituals of Pleasure by Asenath Mason. And everything you can read about kundalini energy and tantric sexual practices.