How can I use kundalini to astral project?

I have spontaneous OBE but have never really been able to astral project by will! Any ideas guys??

P.s I have kundalini fully awakened

That is good. THat makes it much easier to communicate with spirits. Just tell a being to force you out

Imagine a triangle , pointing downwards at the base of ur spine with a snake in it. The triangle is made of fire. Now imagine the snake is rising up ur spine. More powerful ur visualization- imagination, more effect will it be. Before starting the meditation offer some flowers, incense to goddesses Kundalini and state ur intent that u r doing it to gain astral travel ability.

Word of caution, Kundalini rising without proper preparation and guidance have ruined many lives.

Kundalini is just a rush of energy that “boosts” the chakras using your own energy from the base to the top. The kundalini isn’t a one time thing and often people do it multiple times when they need the energy for something. Chakras are never closed just underworked or overworked. However, I would suggest looking up methods of astral projection. The kundalini stuff doesn’t matter in terms of trashing projection.

It could. Kundalini is a lot of energy and controlling that energy could allow astral projection.

@Goku I thought the kundalini goddess was named Bhairavi

Hi, I suggest practicing the simple strategies for astral projecting as it does take time for you to become comfortable with it. What I do is lay flat eyes closed, and go through each stage of falling asleep while my mind stays awake, numerous videos out there on this, but if you focus on the goal of AP eventually your senses will become stronger and it will be easier for you.

But it’s not the kundalini doing it it’s you.

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The question was if he could use kundalini to astral project

And I answered the kundalini isn’t important in astral projection. You don’t need a boost of energy to astral project. It’s literally no correlation.

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It can help though. That is all I was saying.

Bhairavi is a generic name for a
A class of goddesses.

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Projection is an ESP & energy work skill. What you’re saying is actually not correlated is what I mean lol. Kundalini helps you along with practicing such things but not really a required thing. It’s just trying to smash unrelated things together lol

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From what I understand astral projection is transferring consciousness into the light body. So yes as you say Kundalini is energy but is it possible to use that energy to help you project your consciousness into the light body…

Projecting your consciousness partially or fully is more towards ESP that doesn’t really require that it just requires a clear mind. Now the kundalini CAN help with projecting longer for those who don’t have the stamina to project for long periods of time but yeah.

One Method Is To Meditate, On It Imagine Yourself Astral Body Slowly Exiting Your Physical One. This Will Take Quite A Bit Of Practice, But Its Worth It In The End. Lots And Lots Of Meditation.


I have to agree with @Velenos. Kundalini isn’t really needed for obe. I guess there is a reason that Robert Bruce teaches kundalini in a completely separate course from his astral projection course.

You can use Kundalini to awaken the divine flames within you in your root chakra you can do it as simply thinking or saying something like

“I awaken the flames of godhood
Awaken flames of the divine,
Flame of the Divine rise through me
as the fiery serpents of Shiva rise within me
Divine Flames awaken!”

Heres a mantra to awaken the divine flames

" Hough "

simply vibrate it after raising the kundalini.

The divine flames can be used as fuel for coursing through the astral but aslo the high soul rounds for me they appeared as hazy Misty but bright blue flames after my feet as i traveled and float in the rounds.