How can I tell/what can I do if I think my target has protection?

After months of my shitty abusive ex-husband tormenting the kids, but somehow managing to dodge DCFS every time someone calls, I decided, fuck it, that’s enough.

Around sunset, I performed the “ritual to remove someone from your life” from Magickal Attack.

Later, to seal the deal, I created a sigil with my intention, took a black candle, carved my wish “Dingus is gone forever” anointed it with D.U.M.E. oil, rolled it in hot foot powder. I recited a brief history of 10 years worth of bullshit that he put me and the kids through while crying and staring at the sigil. Finally burned it.

It was an UGLY burn. I haven’t seen a chime candle burn so funky. Tiny flame throughout, and the last 5th or so, it just went out, I relit it, but it still just went out a few minutes later.

I think there’s something going on. I have poured my heart and soul into getting this man gone. He has done wrong. He is a sexual predator and serial abuser who my children actively hate and fear.

I know it seems like a stretch, and I wouldn’t generally entertain the idea, but I believe he may have some type of protection. The only reason this occurred to me is during multiple readings with different readers, the cards have shown something on his end working against me. In one instance, the potential that his new girlfriend may be working against me was brought up by the reader, but I have honestly never met this person so I didn’t really think much of it. Now, who knows?

Can anyone tell me what I could tell or what I could do to remove any blocks he’s presenting that stopping my spellwork from taking hold?


A low burning candle that goes out is normally a sign of work being done against yours in ceromancy. I would take a look at the Regain the Upperhand Ritual from the same book to dominate him. You can then redo the ritual if so you please. I actually use that ritual as part of a series of preparations before cursing to remove obstacles in my path so I may weaken my target before the final blow.


Great, thank you, I will attempt that ritual tomorrow and then repeat the work later this week.

I know it’s more of a traditional root working approach, but do you recommend any particular moon phase or day of the week while attempting to recast?

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Probably the last night of a full moon (as it will begin to wane) or a new moon. I’ve done it successfully without the moon phases but if I were to include them, those would probably be the ones.


Great, Thanks again.


No problem :slight_smile:


Any good book on cursing

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Magickal attack, Angels of Wrath and Baneful magick.


One more quick question, because I was planning on doing this today and then redoing the spell tomorrow -

Should I do the ritual to gain the upper hand on someone immediately before, as in the day of, or can I do it the day before without problem?

You can do it before. I actually take about a week to do a series of rituals to set my target up before throwing the curse, this one being part of that process. I usually start with that ritual, follow with the confusion ritual, and vamping on their natural shields and energy centers before laying the curse down

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I was reading about the confusion ritual last night, so simple, but I’m still working up to being bold enough to verbally fuck with someone’s head.

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I hear that King Viné can knock down defences and towers. Maybe ask him to assist you with this and perform multiple attacks straight after King Viné has taken out his defences


I repeated all parts of the ritual last night, after doing the ritual to regain the upper hand on Monday night.

A much better and cleaner burn this time. I’m going to take this as a good sign.

Now it’s time to sit and wait.

Assume everyone you cast spell on have protection. Cast spell to invalidate their protection of any kind. Cast spell to empower and magnify your spell power. No point wondering if they have protection or not. Waste of time to stress if they have protection. Just cast the spell to remove any protection if you want results. This way even if they don’t have protection, it will limit their future protection spell against your spell after you cast. It’s a matter of results and that’s what you do. You cast spell to remove protection for every target. That’s the smart way to do it. I assume everyone have protection cuz everyone have guardian angel that protect them or maybe past family lineage


Just, work with, lilith for real… I, know, this, sounds, too draconis But if anyone really wants, surefire success its going to be through dedication and devotion in spiritual practise… Overhaul some aspects, of your life… Start, a, new, spiritual,journey

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Is she going to kick my ass, though?

I know she’s doesn’t tolerate weakness, I’ve been kind of intimidated that I might present as beta upon summoning her since I allowed myself to be manipulated by a man for so long.

I think Angels of Wrath also has a ritual to destroy defenses.

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-Familiar spirits of sufficient power and trustworthiness can scout and suss out the nature and strength of a target’s defenses.

-So can scrying/divination, and with lower risk particularly in the latter case.

Once you know what their defenses are and how they work, cooking up something that can break, circumvent, or even exploit them to your advantage is a matter of creativity and skill.

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