How can I stop worring and put my trust in Asmodeus

So I recently I tasked Asmodeus to help me get something for myself without getting caught and he said he would help me. I know that he is doing it because already 2 things have happened that I asked for in the list of things I want to happen to get what I want and he has done it.

But with my OCD obsessive self, I am also worrying about getting caught by my mother, who would definetly not approve of what I bought (and no it has nothing to do with magick.)

So how can I get rid of this worry and put my faith in Asmodeus?


By remembering this:


I’ve struggled with this too. Something that’s helped me in the past is to just not think about it and pour your energy and focus into a completely different project.

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I know he said that, but my mind is a real worrywart about everything and its annoying.


I understand totally. The only thing I can recommend is what I do when I feel this way. Have faith in the work, know what you asked for WILL be received in one way or another, or what’s best for you will be received in its place and try to forget about everything.

When those thoughts creep in, tell yourself “I deserve what I asked for, I have what I asked for, it is on its way. (Spirit used) heard my request and is on the job, I will have what I want.”

That helps me when I’m anxious and the doubt tries to take over.

Good luck and I hope you can find peace. :bouquet:


I obsess and worry and doubt myself when I don’t think I deserve what I’m asking for, OR, when in my gut, I know it’s wrong for me to ask for it.

When I know I deserve it and/or I know it’s right for me to ask (i.e. I’m not hurting any innocents by attaining it, I generally can leave it at the altar and let it materialize)

Luckily, this doesn’t apply to curses and other baneful workings because they’re not innocent.

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