How can I reverse this ritual?

Is it enough to apologize to the demons and say that I don’t want integrate shadow self anymore?

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You can petition each and just state termination of all agreements, pacts or requests immediately.


That’s an interesting question. From what I’ve read the ritual is ONLY this spell, right?

In the future be sure you want to do these things and live with the consequences before doing them.

I’m honestly not at all sure how to reverse this. But if I had a similar situation, I would probably call forth the beings and then say in a similar chanting/spell way that I no longer seek their assistance and send them and the energy of the previous ritual away.

For example,
Blah blah blah calling all the demons blah blah
I have called you here to reverse the ritual of “Ritual Name”. It is no longer my desire to integrate my shadow self as I have reason for undoing ritual_. I hereby (seek to respectfully) banish you and your energies from me/my life/my magick/etc.

Then thank them for coming and close the ritual.


This is UPG only stuff, generally, speaking. Nothing special.

Call those spirits up and say you wish to take a break.

When you’re in a better place, do the hard work.