How can I make somebody stay out of my life?

Hey guys I have a quick question. Recently I have evoked Duke Sallos and he has been working on my petition. My ex fiancé and I have been talking on and off for 3 months now and I asked the Duke to help bring us back together and so far he’s been laying the pieces for it to happen. We both love each other very much and I had a reading done and I was told we will reconcile and that we have unfinished business. With that said. There is a guy friend of hers that is kinda a pain in my ass and I want him to go away from her. When we where together he caused problems and she cut him off. Now that we been broken up he weaseled his way back in.

I was wondering if there is a spell or a particular demon I could ask to remove this individual from her life and mine?

Try Leraje

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saturn especially on the waning moon

I apologise. It’s always me going on and on about the many, many uses of a well honed banishing ritual. There are two types of Magickal ritual. Some are based upon banishing whilst the others are essentially evoking. That’s another reason both rituals are so foundational in importance. But what would I know?