How can I honor Lucifer to get better effects?

So I did a candle ritual to Lucifer and things went really well with this girl being obsessed with me and then things recently have only been going downhill. I also feel distant from him lately. Is there anything I can do to get close to him again or have his help stronger… Im on day 4 of an 8 day fast for him because I wanted to show my allegiance. Because I did a 7 day fast for Christ when I was christian.


Hiya OP! Lucifer is Quetzalcoatl in humanoid form, so, try looking for feathers that cross your path and offer them to him. I also have the intuition for you to offer them in an old left shoe, spritzed with or alongside a glass of black sun water. Do that for three consecutive nights, with his sigil underneath the shoe or glass, and ask him to refill your life. Works like a charm! :slight_smile:

I would say a prayer,light dragonsblood incense,meditate using this particular mantra

First of all, do learn a lot about him. The best way to bond with a spirit is by learning everything you can about it. Also, how about making a good offering? It’s a good idea and it’s a way to show your appreciation.

That’s actually wrong. People assumed that because EA said it. However, EA was wrong many times before for these things.


I didn’t know EA said that, huh! But it is the truth, they’re different forms or faces of the same spirit, the Venusian male-enlightener archbeing. Lucifer is the breaker-of-chains form and Quetzalcoatl is the guide-of-dreams form. EA is right sometimes! :slight_smile:

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I always offer feathers and rose petals to Lucifer. I found a cardinal feather for him the other day.

Quetzalcoatl is an aspect of Ningishzidda/Thoth, he has to do with Lucifer (Enki), but he’s not Lucifer in any way. I have studies a lot about Thoth, plus spirits can have the same attributes, without them being the same.

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I think you should learn to listen. There is no need to appease Lucifer with offerings as though he were some wild beast in need of taming. Starving yourself is no more pleasing to him than leaving out scraps of food or other matter, or turning your home into a Red Cross donation center (if you must bleed yourself dry, humans are in far greater need of it than any spirit). Your gratitude is enough.

Why not summon him, and ask for guidance and wisdom regarding your current life situation? I can only assume his intentions, but this lack of response you feel is not him forsaking you. It is, I imagine, him signaling to you that you would benefit from some reflection and contemplation.

I’ve been in a similar spot recently myself. I tend to leave space between sequences of rituals that are all targeted at the same general issue, but with each covering different facets of the situation. These times of rest in-between workings, which can last anywhere from a day to a week or more, are opportunities to listen and consider my next move.

The problem is not that Lucifer lacks power, or that you must somehow conform yourself to him to get better results. I encourage you to reach for Lucifer, without expectation. Say his name, aloud, and note your response. Pause, and listen. He will offer you wisdom, in time, if you are open to receiving it.


@Qayos My mistake, according to EA, Quetzalcoatl is Lucifuge. But I actually asked Thoth about it yesterday and that’s a mistake as well.

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Interesting observation! IME Nin and Thoth have nothing to do with each other, the former is a part of the mercurial archbeing and the latter the lunar archbeing. Nin is like a bigger fractal of Azazel IME. I’ve done a lot of work with these creatures, and even though they have different consciousnesses, from my observations their ‘oversouls’ (archetypes/what I call archbeings) are different.

As for the offerings I mentioned, they aren’t to please Lucifer so much as provide a foothold/battery to manifest him into your life.

ETA: Yeah, Quetzalcoatl isn’t the same kind of being as Lucifuge so I’m not sure where he got that information from.

ETA2: What I’m trying to say is that even though Lucifer and Quetzalcoatl aren’t the same direct consciousnesses, and their individual energies are different, they belong to the same overarching pattern/primal current/energy pillar of reality, which is itself a consciousness. They’re basically the same type of onion, though the flavor is a bit different. :slight_smile:

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I think I agree with this. They’re not the same being, but they do come from the same current. It’s like Ningishzidda and Enki. They’re not the same, but they do come from the same current. (All that when they were in physical form of course).

As for Ningishzidda and Thoth, they’re actually the same exact being. They were in physical form once. According to Thoth, he first came to Earth as Ningishzidda/Kulla, then as Thoth and then as Hermes/Mercury. After Hemres he came many other times too, but he said that because he was trying to explain to me why Hermes was called “thriceborn”.

Actually, their energies are identical. I mean, I have worked with them for years. Invocation, evacation, etc. But even if you see their attributes and stories, they’re kinda the same. And it’s not just me, many members here (really experienced magi) have come to the same conclusion.

Edit: I’m not going to list every single attribute here, but some identical attributes are: healers, great magi, connected with Earth, connected with the same stories and of course, great architects.

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@Qayos I just noticed we went way off the topic :joy::joy::joy:
@CharlieP7 Really sorry for that!

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Interesting observation! I’ve worked with them a lot too, but in pretty unconventional ways, so I probably wouldn’t get the same results. The Nin and Thoth I’ve accessed are not diametrically opposite one another but are like northwest and east on a compass respectively, from what I’ve mapped Ninny is a younger fractal of the Hindu great snake that churned the great sea of poison into milk- think like the rope that ties reality together, versus Thoth, the recorder/holder of magical knowledge. IME the thrice-born aspect of Hermes is the energy pattern of his constant rebirth, as in, he’s constantly made anew throughout the past, present, and future. He always comes across as a part of the divine child/trickster archetype being in my work! :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t explain it any better.

I mean, their lifetimes were a bit different.

Actually Ningishzidda is a Sumerian being. And to be more exact, Sumerians talked about him, but he’s of Anunnaki origin.

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Yeah! Regarding the fractal comment though, the cultural origin of the being doesn’t supersede their place in the universe- like how Ganesha is an older fractal of Legba, the ‘power spirals’ or magic pillars are categorized by components/timeline as opposed to belief system. There’s a lot of groupings that don’t adhere to mythologized/storied structures! :slight_smile:

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Honor is, at least in part, an internal process. It’s hard to project honor unless you honor yourself first.

Honor and respect can get you to the front door, but it’s your own internal sense of self that gets you past the threshold. Exploring that might prove to be fruitful – what are your dreams, desires, aspirations? Fasting can be a time for self clarity.

If your aspirtion is to date a pretty girl, perhaps dream larger?

Quetzalcoatl and Lucifer aren’t on very friendly terms, so they’re unlikely to be part of the same aspect cloud/field.

Quetzalcoatl isn’t a part of Lucifer though. He’s an aspect of Ningishzidda, Enki’s son.
To be honest, I don’t know of Quetzalcoatl’s relationship with Lucifer. Why do you think that they’re not on friendly terms?