How can I forgive my parents for buying a dog from a breeder?

A while back my parents bought a dog from a breeder. I’m only now realising how fucked up this is I’m having trouble forgiving them. Help me.

It’s fucked up how?


As a volunteer shelter person I can fullheartedly say:
no problem.
At the end of the day its important that this furry dude has a good home. Does he? Nice.
At the end of the day its important that the breeder treated his dogs with greatest care.
Did he? Nice.
Its really no problem. People who want to stop by at the shelter, stop by at the shelter. People who don’t want to, don’t do that. As long as they don’t have your new friend from very dubious sources (and if so you should rush him to a vet asap) its all good.


I’m just an animal lover and there are so many animals in shelters

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So, them getting it from the breeder instead of from the shelter is fucked up?


In my opinion

Plenty of breeders are very loving and qualified professionals. It’s not all puppymills. And often times breeders are the only option when you are after a specific breed.


And How its about esoterism?

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I completely understand. I wanted to get a dog from a shelter but my husband insisted on going to a breeder. So I did lots of research and ended up getting my dog from a dairy farm. The lady that bred them was really nice and took good care of them. She also had cancer and did it for money to pay her hospital bills. So in the end I was able to give my dog a good home and help her pay for cancer treatments.


You’re old enough to pick a better battle than that. The way I see it your parents dog your parents money your parents house get over it.


Got my beauty from a breeder literally a week ago, this is her a Siberian Husky.

I went to the breeders house, she has both the mum and dad there. Both dogs were treated better than I’ve ever seen any other dog be treated. The breeder was very knowledgeable on the breed, gave me all her medical records, explained and answered every question I had.

She even showed me her sleeping and play area, majority of breeders know what their doing and are very caring and friendly to the pups.

Now here’s the issue with a shelter dog.

I once got a dog from a shelter and I hate the term “I rescued a dog” that’s bullshit.
Those people just have a oversized ego, all they did was a get a free dog.

Here’s the issue I had, the dog I got wasn’t trained, it’s temperament was really bad.
It was aggressive and was not friendly with children, it didn’t listen, it wasn’t the type of dog you’d bring around a house with pets and children. Now you maybe thinking well that shouldn’t happen, in actuality you’re more likely to get a challenging and they don’t wanna spook you away from getting one. So most shelters avoid all that shit in hopes that you take the dog and they have more free space.

I’ve grown up around dogs all my life and I can tell you, the best treated dogs I’ve had come from breeders and not shelters.


imo, and I am really trying to not insult anyone here, but this sounds ridiculously entitled.

There are a billion things to be mad about in this world, but this ain’t one of them.



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True. It also happens to be the case that many of these dogs are pitbull mixes though, hate those things, they’re not dogs.

The other ones turn aggressive due to really bad owners, neglect, abuse, starvation, things like that. Any dog can be trained, you just need to put the right amount of effort in. With a pup from a breeder, you’re basically starting with a clean slate, but with a dog from a shelter you’re probably going to have to devote a lot more time, and most people who adopt from shelters don’t realize that.


I’ve read these comments and I respect everyone’s opinion. One thing I will say is that the breeder dog has been aggressive and violent since birth and we can’t take him out on walks anywhere.

I’ve actually known people who do the licensing for breeders, Boerboels to be exact. The standards are pretty strict in my country, and they have to inspect dog conditions at a breeder twice a year.

What kind of dog? Were the parents aggressive? You have proof of lineage?

It’s not the conditions. He was bought from a great breeder. It’s the fact that so many dogs are euthanised in this country

Purebred lab.

I think you should try to play ball with him. To establish a slight dominance. Then work from there. I don’t walk my dogs, I play with them twice a day, for about 40 minutes. Live in a dangerous place, wouldn’t want to expose them to danger.

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