How can i find out through magick if this is true or not?

My sister did summon a spirit for love matters.The man she loves,seems very cold and disturbed.So she asked the spirit to make him “more comfortable”, open up with her,spend time with her,and they should be happily together. All of us in the family,never understood the sometimes weird behaviour of her bf.

So,the same night she had a dream,where she her bf sitting neutrally. On the other sofa, another woman ,whom he has a child with. ( In the dream apparently). He never said that he was ever married or has a child…But sometimes,it happens,that you get someone pregnant and boom ! You are a father.But since there is no evidence in real life,nor we can ask him because this would look silly, we would like to know,how we can find out,through which spirit or magick, whether he has a child or not?

And yes,it does make a difference to my sister. Nothing against the child.But things would be much easier and clear to understand,if we could find out. Is there any spirit who tells us like, “the answer” or “the truth” ? Thank you !!

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Visions use symbols, the vision isn’t literal that the bf has or is married or in a relationship with someone and has a child. The vision uses the symbol of a family relationship.

The bf with his family, this dream means she may have difficulties with a relationship situation, or argument regarding creating a family in the forthcoming future with this individual, no matter what she cast, you can’t change the true nature of the individual.

The vision reflects the conflict with her bf situation and the final outcome or possibilities in front of her at once regarding this ongoing difficult relationship.