How can I end my current with a spirit?

Hey, how can a person end a current with a spirit?

A current is what we call the energy a spirit is part of, or connected to. You can’t “end” it.

For example, Raphael is part of the angelic current, Belial is part of the demonic current, etc.

Are you talking about ending a relationship with a spirit? In that case, communication is the key. Let them know that you are moving on.


@DarkestKnighthow can i communicate that? Like, thinking, saying this to them? Because a i remember when you start a current with a spirit, he feels what you feels right?

How do you normally work with a spirit? You must communicate in some way, right?

Thoughts generally, as i open a communication with them, so somethimes they talk to me with thoughts

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Then using that method, let them know that you want to work with other spirits so you can continue to grow in skill and power.

If you have worked with the spirit for a long time, they will understand. They want you to grow, and most mentor spirits will actually tell you to work with other spirits to further your progress.


Ok, i said to them that I wanted to work with another spirit instead to my spiritual ascension. I hope it works well for now on!


That should be sufficient. If they want you to grow, and not simply serve, then they will be fine with it.


It takes time if you want to get rid of their energy