How can I enchant my cigarettes?

I want to make them lucky, to protect me against parasites and to make me smarter

I was thinking of buying specifically ‘camel’ brand, because it reminds me of King Paimon. Ill chant his enn whenever I smoke one

Are there other ways I can enchant them?

Cigarettes is very specific. Why not something that lasts daily or longer? Are these offerings to Paimon or similar?

I mean, when I smoked, enchanting a single pack wouldn’t have lasted long.


Throw them away, the ingredients contain toxins and kills the brain lol.

When I smoke weed I usually say “to the ancestors” me and my homie do it, it definitely does something. Maybe if you did loose leaf Tabaco it would make it more ceremonial and tried giving homage to the ancestors.

Idk man not a fan of cigs, my friend was addicted to them and my mom smoked them growing up. I really never liked them. I was more into weed. But even then I had to get cleaner product and treat the plant with more respect. Even recently I just threw away like $50 worth of weed. I did it as a sacrifice, I know if I give it up now and put it off I’ll be able to enjoy it more later.

For me parasites and low cognitive function has always been tied to addiction. So I would say try to stop and switch to the more pure form of the plant and form a relationship with the plant and the ancestors that way.

This probably wasn’t what you were looking for but there is no quick fix or super simple super useful works 100% of the time spell. The universe and the ancestors. As well as the entities waiting for you t contact them watch for your ability to sacrifice ever ritual requires time and prep of some sort. Even planning at more advanced levels.

I think you are looking in the wrong places, I wouldn’t rely on a pack of cigs to make you parasite immune or a genius. Just saying

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When people say stuff like this I just visualize them jerking off the demon. Why not command paimon for something specific just out of reach then as a reward you smoke a cig, chant his enn, and listen to his music.

They are demons, they are made to work, and want to work. Ask for something worthy of the offering, give the offering when Paimon is their way with the result.

Maybe ask Paimon for the power to learn like genius for something specific and then study it.

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Sadly I haven’t been able to contact demons. I just pray to them in hopes they’ll help me in some way even if they don’t appear to me. Is it because I’m taking antipsychotics?

No I take some but I still contact demons. I just dont call them if I am high or drunk (or dont have work for them lol).

Get a magick book on how to call demons, we have a guide by Lady Eva that I know works.

However I use the book 72 demons of magick by Damon Brand.

That works well for me, I have an ongoing list of public recognition for demons doing good work

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Ill check that out

I think you misunderstand nicotine. It’s not antiviral or antibacterial. The only thing nicotine is good for is killing insects. It’s a pesticide. Ex smoker here and I’m not telling you not to enchant smokes. I’m also not saying stop smoking. All I’m saying is is not in and of itself a substance that can do what you want it to do. The magick enchantment will work but the cigarettes are not gonna do anything for you except give you stinky clothes and breath.

Why not enchant herbal teas instead. There’s scientific evidence supporting their worth in preventing things. Or enchant garlic powder and eat garlic bread made with it. If you want anti viral or anti bacterial or anti fungal benefits go herbal. Thyme for example. In WW1 when they ran out of disinfectant they used thyme extracts and thyme oil in triage and surgery areas. Garlic had countless studies showing it’s anti bacterial and hood fur your heart. Likewise yea tree oil is a known topical fungicide. As far as I know the only thing science has proven tobacco and nicotine good for is killing bugs aka insects.

Do the enchantment if you want but if it was me I’d pick to enchant something known to have at least a slight ability towards doing what I wanted like garlic as opposed to something that on its own can’t do diddley squat towards achieving what you want because it’s the enchantment that will be doing the work not the cigarettes and enchanting something known to be anti bacterial will give you a double whammy cuz you have the enchantment and the substance both working to achieve the effect/goal whereas enchanting something useless like a cigarette means you have to rely 100% on your enchantment.

Enchant away but the cigarette will be a useless placebo. It’s the magick that will be doing the work. Simply enjoy the smoke for its calming effect snd don’t rely on it for preventing catching stuff. Rely on the magick and if you want extra oomph do the magick on something known to have properties that contribute to achieving the magick’s goal (preventing catching something).

There us bo point of trying to let them understand you.

Here is some examples ;

İf you want to be lucky get a small paper and write down your wish in green pencil, put your cigarette inside the paper and cover it with crystal , it should be sitrin or pyrite , remember to charge them first.

Second example ;
Before you sleep get into trance and hold your cigarette in your palm, for luck and abundance you can try to enchance your heart and root chakra
İmagine a green light and a clower covers your cigarette and think of your wish

Rest it under your pillow and carry it with you

When you charge an item you should remember it. İs a energy work and may be needed to charge more than once a week .

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