How can I control my sexual urges or use my sexual energy into something useful?

I have been struggling a lot because of this habit of mine its effecting my body , corrupting my mind, it can’t let me focus I want to stop it and I can’t , I tried so many times but I can’t my situation is getting worse I need to control my habit my life is revolving around sexual urges and I feel guilty when I masterbuate to my female friends who now I only see sexually I seriously feel like a bad person please help

Gain a new perception so you won’t feel guilty anymore.

Dude it’s not only about feeling guilty I am getting HORNIER everytime I do it I need to stop it not get new perception of it

Avoid master bating do negative talk to yourself

So let’s say you wanna master bate to your female friends say to yourself wtf is wrong with me call yourself an idiot etc that should work

Tried it but still no luck can’t stop I even get to a point where I masterbuate 6 times a day my life is ruined by masterbating

Sublimate the energy into a more productive pursuit. It’s particularly good for creativity.

The combination of the Shem angel Yezalel and the Goetic demon Beleth in Henry Archer’s book The Magick of Angels and Demons can help with this.


I will see it and try it thank you :blush:

Increase your will power
Meditate no thoughts
Eventually you’ll feel tired relaxed you’ll lose awareness but you’ll come back to awareness
Start being more aware meditate on increasing your focus
Go outside for hours make sure to leave your phone in the house do not look at porn delete pictures of your friends avoid thinking of girls


I will try this again thanks

I added more things to my reply it will help
It works for me.
If your focusing on girls your adding energy to that and an obsession is happening the more you focus on girls the more the sexual urge increases.

If you don’t focus on females.
avoiding thinking about females it will lessen your sexual desire.
And then you won’t be addicted and obsessed
Thoughts have energy

I still do not understand what makes females so hot

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Thanks alot again :blush: I will definitely stop it now

I have no idea how old you are, I believe this is somewhat ‘normal’ in young lads with hormonal rushes.

If it is getting out of hand, that huge amount of energy you are releasing can be used in rituals. Even exercise such as Cycling etc could make you feel a little better.

Try replacing the thoughts that consume you with something really unsexy also and your mind will automatically reject it eg… Your Mom and Gran have the same parts that turn you on. That would probably work to dampen it down a little

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Yes that would work , I am improving now I have a little more control and and I have not done it for 1 day today will be the 2nd day thanks for your reply :blush:


Hello everyone, my demonic soul name is Pleasure Cursed, and I’m a sex worker, who enjoy having sex, and having a sexual lifestyle for a living. Anyway, as someone new to the whole occult /spirituality, I were wondering if there anyone on here who can help me?. To learn how to control my sexual urges, or used my sexual energy through sex work.