How can i channel gnosis?

I’m not new here but sometimes I wanna channel gnosis without going through ritual. How can I channel gnosis anywhere anytime?

By opening your senses, so that you don’t need to drop into a trance/meditation, in order to sense spirits.

Other than that, I don’t have any ideas. I think you are looking for a shortcut, and I’m not aware of one, sorry.

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I’ve already opened my senses but it still takes about a day or more of multiple mediations to achieve gnosis my senses are a work in progress so I need a meditation I can do that won’t take forever.

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I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t have a better answer for you then :slight_smile: Good luck, maybe someone else-with more experience than I, will have the perfect process for you :slight_smile:

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thank you!

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What are you defining Gnosis as? Spiritual knowledge, a state Of Gnosis or something else? Either way as you mentioned channeling, maybe work on being a conduit for what you wish to channel and building a connection there.

im talking about spiritual knowlege

Ok. Do you have a source in mind? It could help channel what you are looking for.

my higher self

Well, for me one strategy that has worked has been to practice active meditation. At this point I rarely am outside of trance. There have been times where this has made “normal” daily life difficult though I won’t deny that. On the other hand I feel a constant connection to the magic of the universe. Thanks for your post, it has reminded me to focus more on channeling my higher self.

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i do the same im always in trance but it takes hours or even days to gain gnosis

Maybe you need time to process what information you receive and don’t need to beat yourself up about that. Also, you could try making art, could help with channeling in chunks and then you can take as long as you need to process the knowledge. It is possible to be in constant trance for years on end and receive information near instantly.

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I hadn’t thought about that