How can a demon help me in my dreams in the future? Do you know the best demon that will help me in my future and carreer path?

I want to become a celebrity in the future or something and have many money and become famous can anyone reccomend me a demon that will help me?

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Demon yezeus can do it… money rituals and fame will be done for you.

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How to summon yezeus?

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I think he’s joking because Kanye west nickname is yeezus. Great demons for this are Bune from the Goetia, very friendly, clauneck, halathor speciffically is good for careers, he’s in the book of a axel. Also lucifuge rofocale is the lord of excess and is great for fortune creating but should only be for the intermediate because beginners will be brushed off his shoulders. Bune is greatest for beginners.

Correction not the book of axel

Book of azazel

What are you currently doing to work towards achieving fame? Are you a skilled actor or musician? Do you have a platform on which you can be discovered?

The demons can help swing things your way, but you also have to give them something to work with in cases like this. You aren’t going to get famous by sitting in your room, doing nothing. If you have something valuable to offer others, however, and you have made yourself able to be found, then the demons can certainly help you with this.

I see many fall into this delusional fantasy where all the money in the world will show up in their bank account from nowhere with no explainable cause. These people also seem to become incredibly excited when they find a dollar on the street, at the sight of which they fall to their knees in praise of the almighty demons.

I assure you that the demons can bring you much more than this, but you also have to put in your end of the work here. Some magick, such as curses, can work without you lifting a finger after the ritual, but that is not so much the case with wealth magick.

If you have something valuable that you can offer to others, then the demons can help you monetize your value. If you do not yet have the skills or knowledge that you need to achieve your vision of success, the demons can also help you to acquire this. This does not mean that they will beam the knowledge into your head. It means that they will guide you to the resources that you need and empower your mind to enable learning.

You may even be required to read a book (a tremendous undertaking, to be certain, but one that is worth the toil). Commit to doing as much work as is required, and you will see rewards.


I am not joking… that s th demon i used

How can I summon bune?

Invoke donald trump


draw bune sigil on paper, then grab another paper and draw a triangle with a circle in the middle. meditate on her sigil while chanting bune come, bune come, etc. then ask for your request. Give an offering of wine or blood.

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Do not give blood.

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Why not?


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I used King Paimon to manipulate management into giving me a higher position at my job site. But just going agreeing with Shinri, nothing is going to “lunge” you instantly into a huge desire like that, you have to put in as much effort as you want to recieve as well. Entity’s won’t just “do stuff for you”, you have to treat them with respect just like they treat you. All I’m saying is you have to be talented yourself or be outstanding in a subject/activity in order to make it, it won’t just miraculously happen for you.


Too personal for an entity you just met.

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Okay thank you

First off, congrats on the success with Paimon, he’s great. I just wanted to add that I think many of us who have seen some success with magick would say that we have seen some truly “miraculous” things happen because of our magick, but that these miraculous things were able to happen because we put ourselves into a position where we could receive miracles.

How I think about this is that magick enhances and amplifies your own efforts. Even if you do absolutely nothing, magick can still help you out. I’ve received cash (and much more than I was expecting) from completely out of the blue after doing a ritual for it. This doesn’t happen all the time for me, but it does on occasion, and more often my money rituals will increase how much I receive at normal times when I expect financial gains.

So if you do nothing, you can still get some results, but if you put in even the slightest effort, magick can make that action go a lot further than it otherwise would. One thing I’ve noticed, for example, is that networking just happens for me now. All I do is show up to places (anywhere, really) and be open to meeting new people, and the people I need are just brought into my path for me.

Something like fame and fortune, as desired by @Duke_Shibalyer here, requires more to be done over an extended period of time, but I genuinely believe that, with magick, you can attain and live any life that you want to live. Give your goal some thought, break it into individual pieces, sketch out a timeline, and start working towards it. Just don’t stop. Keep going, persevere, and magick will get you there.


What ritual did you did? What should I do?

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King Paimon is a blessing to help fulfill your life long goals. He doesnt just grant you the wish, he will teach you the skills and manifest the lessons in life that will aid you in fulfilling your objective.

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My suggestion is to find a grimoire (a book of magick) that appeals to you, read the book, and then practice its magick. There is no one single ritual that will bring you everything. You can get to where you want to be by using magick to make impactful, consistent steps over time. Occasionally you will fall, but more often you will make great leaps forward in your life.

A few publishers that I recommend are BALG, The Gallery of Magick, and The Power of Magick Publishing. Look around their websites, maybe check out the amazon reviews or do some research here on the books that appeal, and commit to working with one of them for a bit.

There’s a lot of magick out there now, much more than when I first started, so I understand that it can be a little overwhelming with so many choices. But the books aren’t going anywhere, and magick is a life-long journey. Your feelings and intuition will guide you along your path, and will guide you to the magick that you need.

Sometimes I miss being where you are now, so fresh and new with a pure beginner’s mind. You have a great journey full of wonder ahead of you.

I wish you the best of luck, and I look forward to hearing about your exploits one day :slightly_smiling_face: