How bad is it to get diagnosed with mental disorders

Should I do it? I can’t deal with it anymore I just want anti-psychotics to make them stop!

Will this destroy my soul? Or can I use it to calm myself down for long enough to deal with my illness.


In my personal opinion, no, it won’t destroy your soul. Mental health is like any other form of health. Would you go to a doctor for a cold or flu? Would you take medication for a serious illness? Then why not consider it for mental issues? There have been great strides made in the field of mental health. If a treatment or medication doesn’t resonate with you, consult a doctor about a different avenue of treatment. There’s nothing noble about suffering. If help is available, why not seek it out?


Thank you cause I noticed joy does indeed repel it but after 4 years it has just sucked all the joy out of my life and not even WUNJO can put it back in…

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If you feel it is needed, you should go for it. It will not destroy your soul. Just remember to be honest with the effects of any treatment with a doctor (including getting a second opinion if the need arises) and be open to try new things.


There’s no shame in seeking help for whatever MH problems you’re suffering with. In fact I find it admirable. It’s not easy recognizing you need help, and even harder taking the steps to get it.

You’ll be able to better assist others struggling with MH issues afterwards as well.


I’m so glad I’m here instead of the other forum… in there for years they would recommend greatly against it…

Not to mention other things I have really missed…

Not to mention the fear tactics…

Anyway thank you all for spending a time out of your busy day to read and respond to this post!!!


Now that I think of it beer and coffee never slowed my abilities outside of their effect durations…

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No it won’t destroy you, and if you’re volunteering to be diagnosed you are unlikely to seem like a severe enough case, from the outside, to warrant any kinda forced intervention. If you’re bothered now, though, this problem isn’t going away. It’s better to go in to get diagnosed voluntarily in the early stages instead of going in involuntarily, in crisis mode!

Go for it, but talk to a professional you can trust and be totally honest about your fears of being over medicated. I believe most psychiatrists nowadays are aware of the danger of overprescribing.


It’s only by sheer luck they haven’t forced me in against my will even at this point in my life…

Anyway thats surprisingly reassuring, thank you!


You’re welcome :wink:

Like so many shit things in life, MH usually feels a lot worse than it looks on the outside… but yk, feeling that bad is reason enough to ask for help. Do it for you. I hope it goes well!

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Don’t be afraid to “shop around” for your doctors too. Do your homework, just like you would for any other good or service, and follow your gut. It is your health we are talking about, so taking the time to find a doctor who works with you and listens is very important.


Absolutely will NOT destroy your soul

Medication can interfere with progress, however it can also help with progress

It is a personal journey and zero shame and a lot bloody faster often than trying to deal with any spiritual root … if you’re not even well enough to deal with it in the first place

I would not be well enough to persue magick in the first place if I did not take medication sometimes… one day I will have manifested health to the point I can stop using chemicals to aid balance in myself

But for now… it would be utterly stupid to refuse something that is faster, also we consider in Magick experience of an advanced practitioner as more trustworthy than that of a beginner (generally) and it’s the same with regular not trained and not qualified regular Joe over experienced and qualified medical professionals who’s expertise is in the illness one might be afflicted with! Just common sense

I see a lot of unwell posters tbh and I think it’s a shame they’re confusing an illness for spiritual progress … be so much faster/healthier/sensible if they began with having an aid to sanity for them to progress and seperate BS from true gnosis

That’s not to say there aren’t also posters who are well whos posts would look like insanity to eyes not familiar with magick but this is where intuition and discernment serves in picking apart what is genuine


Dude if your hearing voices or seeing things that aren’t there (sometimes that’s seeing / hearing astrally…)then you could be in a state of psychosis.

This happens to many people nothing to be ashamed of. In fact all of my magickal peers here know of someone who was engaged in spiritually unsound practices that lost their mind as a result.

You may not need the meds forever but 80% of people respond well to anti psychotic medication. Yes there are uncomfortable side effects such as weight gain and sometimes other side effects but those side effects are much more manageable than psychosis.

Please get help now it will not destroy your soul it will likely make you well enough to be your old self again and enjoy life. Once you’ve got that then get back into magick if you want.

My mother passed 5 years ago from depression and suicide. I don’t think she fully was aware when she made that decision how it would effect everyone else in her life.

Getting on the right meds would have saved her but she never stuck to her doctors instructions regarding taking her meds.


If you’re having mental health issues, please get help. Medication can help heal your body so that you can focus on your soul.


I totally agree with nomad.

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Totally agree with Hypnos

Nothing wrong with check up if you have issues. The only danger is if it’s diagnosed wrong and you’ll be labelled for whatever condition you don’t have and be put into wrong medication that can cause all kinds of side effects that can damage for life. More important is proper doctor. Some people are trap in the labels identity when diagnosed wrong.

It goes the other way too. If one have issues and don’t know it or get treated, it can get worse.

Correct diagnosis is always the goal. Then one can figure out what is needed.


To bank off this, a good doctor will develop a treatment plan with you and not force you down paths you’re dead set against. Unless you lose your cool and control.


Right this whole process of diagnosis and development of a treatment plan is something you’re in control of ultimately. It’s not until you become a danger to yourself or others that society has to step in and address the situation with court orders.

The doctor is you’re wellness partner. But it’s a partnership between you and he. It’s not one sided. Don’t be afraid.


If you take the wrong medication and get worse and worse, it can absolutely result in soul loss. It isn’t super common, and for most people taking medication it does not cause that, but it is absolutely a thing that can happen. Personal experience with this and an anti-depressant called Zoloft when I was a teenager. They have a black box warning on it now, but too late for me. I sometimes think about what my life would be if I had thrown that medication away, and I can only think about how I would have been so much more successful.

Yeah, for some people it can become an identity, kinda like a tribe, or something. Whatever you do, don’t put to much stock in labels. They change them with every version of the DSM anyway. (the so called “bible”)

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