How Astrology can help a magician

So guys I am making this post to share some insights on how astrology, specially Vedic astrology can help one to make better decisions in his/her life.

If you are a bit familiar with astrology you prolly know that the 4th , 8th and 12th house are the most spiritual houses, in Vedic its called Moksha houses, the houses that liberate you from the illusion of this world. The 4th house is for intuition, inner peace, mother… the 8th house is the house of deep emotions, underground stuff, magic, tantrism, sexual magic, psychic senses, Tarot, ouija, energy workings also hidden enemies ( but I will explain this later where those hidden enemies come from), the 12th house is for other realms, astral travel, sleeping, dreams, stuff that are beyond this realms, imagination, bed pleasures…

When an individual ( a magician) is immersed in any of those houses stated above, it also activates the house situated 7th place from that house. Eg: a tarot reader ( 8th house) will automatically the 2nd house when doing things related to the 8th house ( 8,9,10,11,12,1 and 2nd house when you count 7th places away)

Now how will the second house will be activated. 2nd house is for finances, accumulated wealth, food, drinks, speech , enjoying luxuries things

Now when the 2nd house is activated for the 8th house practitioner, that guy may find difficult to matters of the 2nd house, his ability so save money may be difficult, he might gain a lot of money but spend it right away. He might start having bad eating habits or drinking , he may drink a lot of alcohol( 2nd house repensent the mouth too) or indulge in many sexual activities cause its 8th house is so tense and contains so much deep infos that he received from his opened psychic senses.

I stated before 8th house is for hidden enemies why? Because of magic stuff he is doing, it attracts a lot of parasites, imposter or impure spirits, if he doesn’t have a proper protection, they will be affecting him a lot especially on deep emotion level and his physical body. The 8th house is so deep and dark that you may not be able to know who is attacking you, it will cause some depression or self inflicted wounds that’s where the bad eating and drinking stuff come from.
But when the magician is well protected and balanced actually he may start eating healthy food, doing yoga to keep his mind and body healthy.

So when a magician start feeling the negative effects of 2nd house, not being stable mentally, financial stresses. He must balance his 8th and 2nd house. Eating healthy food, drinking responsibly, taking a good care of his finance, you can have a saving accounts… and of course there are prolly someone not feeling the financial stress now we have to look at which planet is sitting actually in the 2nd house ; for eg for a woman, her Jupiter maybe sitting in her 2nd house although she doesn’t take good decision about her finance but her husband is the one taking care of it…

The 12th house

When someone is very active in the 12th house , its 6 house get also activated, this the real world house, where you compete, fight to gain something material in this world, find solutions to your problems, your debts, diseases, visible enemies, in short all the problems and solutions you get when dealing in your day to day life

12th house magician will be too much dreamy, escaping this material world for astral travel, or sleeping too much, when he got a problem he doesn’t panic , he knows the divinity will take of that, he doesn’t want to compete in this world, he is not really INVOLVED into MUNDANE stuff
And This will activate matters of the 6th house: suddenly the person has enemies that want to take him down cause they see him as dreamy or lost in his mind ( it’s just an impression ), he has diseases that are difficult to diagnose, the practitioner wants just to sit, relax and meditate but is now finding more difficult cause the enemies, obstacles or difficulties in life are rising and if he is not well balanced he will start taking substances that makes him forget all the troubles of this life, escape this world and go to astral or dream world. You will see this combination a lot in people doing astral, soul travel sometimes they take hallucinogens. Depending on the conditions of the 12th house either he sleeps way too much or extremely less ( insomnia)

For the 12th house guy he may find very difficult to connect with material world and his material gains may suffer too, not only money but having a healthy relationship, family life etc…

The solution will be to balance the matters of the 6th house cause they are not activated actively but passively. One must also be active in the 6 th house, like doing sport, going to the gym, doing check up regularly at the hospital, do some grounding exercises to keep your both feet on the ground and get a pet

The 4th house will activate the 10 th house of public recognition, career, father, reputation, authority, fame

Here the person has focused his life on matters of the 4th house, is more intuition, emotionally aware, has motherly qualities and his/her closed to the mother, wants privacy and inner peace :peace_symbol: but in meantime 10 th house will also get passively activated:
The person can lack the necessary authority to lead people and take responsibilities cause he is too much emotional, he doesn’t want to work hard, doing repetitive things cause he relates a lot on his intuition and this can hurt his ability to have a stable career (but if his career is more artistic it will not be problem then), the relationship with the father can be hurt. Here the person is not trusted to be given responsibilities, people think they do not have the necessary guts. They may see him as weak although that might not me the case but it’s the impression given. The person can have abusive boss or even abusive father or anyone that has authority over you.

The solution will be to work more on your plexus solar for authority, ask your father for some advices, work on your speech when you speak open up your belly for more strength and do some repetitive things to balance the 4th and the 10th house

You noted that I counted 7th away is to see what impressions you give to the others, so you may not actually be what I described above but it how other people see you!