How and where do I start?

I had a bloodline reading done by a reputable practitioner. I have warlock in my bloodline and that’s pretty rare for her customers to have. She only witnessed this by a few customers. She will cast a blood spell on me to regain these abilities and one for astral travelling :slight_smile:

Well, i’m in and I want to regain my powers. I’ve watched EA Koetting’s video guide to magick and me mentions a book “Goetia” or something? It’s like a database of spirits you can summon. Where to find this book?

Also, what stuff do I need to buy? I don’t fancy any candles or altars I live in a students apartment I don’t have room for that lol.

So how do I get those sigils? Do I have to draw them personally? And How do I charge these sigils? With blood or semen?

I want to start today if that’s possible! :smile:

I really like this forum! Great topics,

Also how do you become a black magician?? Like is there a black magic’s university? :grin:

I want to get a master’s degree and PhD in Black Magic!

When do I know that i’ve become one?


If I were you I’d have a couple of hard drinks, one after the other. Then I’d just settle down and have a think. Do you reckon that Magick – lhp or rhp, doesn’t matter – is just so simple all you need are a few New Age store accoutrements (look it up), an internet copy of the Goetia and some Sigils and you’re right to go? If so, there’d be heaps of Magicians around. You could probably learn all you need to know before jumping into the deep end over a couple of afternoons. No worries!

As it happens, I run a Black Magic University. I can award you both a Masters’ (after your Bachelors’) Degree together with a Doctorate in Left Hand Path Philosophy. If you like we can talk prices. My degrees are printed on either gloss or off-white, biodegradable (if it gets wet) butchers’ paper. Your call.

And when will you know you’ve become one can be answered by the fact that you obviously are one and have been all of what passes for your life.

P.s. I get the feeling that you’re more a semen man than a blood man, so your Magick would work best with lots of semen, so for you that’s what I’m recommending. Lots and lots of semen. Keep touching yourself like there’s no tomorrow. Every opportunity that presents itself.



Thank you for your reply. Where can I find a legit copy of the goetia? I want to make sure I get the right one.

I’m also a blood man, but I don’t really know how I would cut myself lol. Maybe I will use a diabetes finger prick thing to extract blood :smiley:

I try to save my semen up for special occasions, for special rituals which require more power.

What is more powerful? Blood or semen?

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Start here Blood-man:
but there are other versions. And have fun.

P.s. Years ago when I was about your age I used to store up my semen for special occasions, like if I was going out on a date. Otherwise I used to use an economy-sized, old peanut butter jar and the bottom of the freezer.
I’m guessing somethings never change.

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Does semen’s power wear off after longtime storage?

I prefer to save up in my ballsack :smiley:

I have this feeling that fresh semen is more powerful…

Because I know that blood can’t be stored, you have to use fresh warm blood for any magick / ritual.

I’ve read through the goetia book but I don’t understand much of it. Do I only use this for creating sigils? Because it shows the sigils of each spirit.

English is not my native language and these texts are hard to read… Do they contain the words of incantation?
What words do I have to say with each king ? If I want to summon one?

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You can refrigerate or freeze it. I do it with menstrual blood all the time. But I switch it up - I don’t leave it more than a month because I’ll have new fresh blood again. My cycles change - I was getting it ON the new moon for the longest time and used it for alot of things.


Oh yes, blood (although I only used it sometimes on sigils, when I was already bleeding)… I once read that entities used to manifestate terribly in the ancient evocations where it was employed instead of incense.

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