House of 70s

In the book of Azazel, EA recorded that Amaymon mentioned …“the house of lords of 70s are ending…” [slight paraphrasing]

He also states that the reference remains a mystery.

I have done very little work with Amaymon, but I wonder if any others have made any breakthroughs regarding this.

Searches both here and on Google have yielded no results.


no breakthrough or anything, just some thought food.
In Exodus 24:1 Moses had to take a group of 70 elders with him up to Sinai. There they would be able to “experience” God in a way no one else would have been able to at this time. According to Exodus 24:9 - 11 they could even see him.
Maybe the “ending of the house of lords of the 70s” is a reference to a shift of power/influence/whatever. I guess someone else has a better explanation.