Hotfoot Powder

Hello All, I have doubts regarding preparation of Hotfoot Powder. I have already done the spell and prepared the powder but I feel the Chilli powder i have added is not very spicy. can i add the spicy chilli powder to already prepared receipe or should I redo the spell all over again? This is very important for me currently, if you can let me know quickly it will help.


I haven’t used hotfoot before.

But I don’t think you have to start all over. If you want to add something, I would simply incant it into the mix while adding it. Speak aloud that you are adding heat to the powder however you wish to word it as you are pouring and mixing it in. Once you are done, with nothing else to add, speak firmly that it is complete, and use it as you will.

Hope this was helpful.


You should be ok to add it.

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I don’t think you need to redo the spell. You can add ingredients, if desired. This is just my personal opinion, but the actual ingredients of powders and oils are far less important than the intent you put into energizing and magically activating them. The magick is more important than the composition of the powder itself.

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Thanks a lot…

You made my day with this as i was a lot worried. thanks for suggestion.

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I need help again, i had put the powder in the path the target would walk but that person has been absent for the last 2 days. Will it still work once he is back after 2-3 days from now? Can you please let me know. Also chances are more other may walk around there so im confused if it will work…!!

I’ll admit that I haven’t personally dealt with this sort of situation before (in terms of the target being absent for several days), but I think the powder should still be good. If you have any doubts, make a new batch. If your intentions when charging the powder were specifically tied to your target, I doubt it will harm others who come in contact with it.

Yes it was definitely tied to the target. But I’m concerned if it will still work after a couple of days when he comes back. I wish it works. Thanks.