Hotep Set, questions of Egypt, Hieroglyphics identification from dreams

Hotep Beloveds from Set-AuSet. I had a dream last night. It was Vivid and Pristine. Even upon waking the Image of us three staid in my mind, what does this mean? I painted what I could Remember, though there are many seals and hyrogliphs i dont comprehend. Also repeatedly the is always this tree that im being taken to to learn from The Elightened before us Isa Mohammad, Shakti, Bhudda in many forms. Yet Horus is there watching silent as always waiting for something i feel.

I painted them on Paprus i had been saving from Egypt for a book I was to create. Any information is greatly appreciated

I recognize Aset’s name in front of the lady on the left. I am sorry I cannot be of more help.
This generally looks like two queens or goddesses flanking a pharaoh.
When I was big into Egypt in the past, I remember having some interesting dreams with Egyptian imagery, particularly one with three sphinxes. No idea what it meant.

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Thank you I don’t really know what it all means to be honest my eyes a hazel yet in the dream they showed me my reflection and light some within almost iridescent teal

Or maybe it’s cataracts, haha idk

Lol, oh dear, I hope that’s not the case! But you know we can look different in dreams. Many times I am a cat-lady haha.

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Possibly Lyran? Lol it’s just how things go