Horse Head : Improvised Oracle/Tarot Spread (Achievement)

Unable to sleep at 4 am, I got the urge to work with my Wildwood Deck and this spread came to me. The Uffington Horse is a prevalent figure in the Wildwood deck, and has come to represent, for me, focus and achievement. I used the shape of its head (which has become a talisman of sorts for me) to structure the layout:


I asked the cards to dictate what each card should represent, and this is what I got:

This is how I’m interpreting it:

  • Green Man: The Project/Goal
  • Two of Stones: The Challenge
  • Six of Bows: What to let go/make peace with
  • Green Woman: What nurtures the project/goal
  • Three of Stones: How to approach the project/goal
  • Ten of Arrows: How to communicate about the project/goal
  • The Ancestor: Where to draw strength/resources for the goal/project
  • Four of Arrows: What to avoid

I applied this layout to how succeed in my PhD, and got the following:

  • The Project/Goal: King of Bows → an educational matter
  • The Challenge: Eight of Arrows (Struggle) → speaks for itself and, oh, how true it speaks
  • What to let go/make peace with: The Blasted Oak → the shock of the horrors of academia
  • What nurtures the project/goal: Ten of Bows (Responsibility → sigh yes, I get it, thank you
  • How to approach the project/goal: Knight of Stones (Horse) → perseverance, pride, self-sufficiency
  • How to communicate about the project/goal : Nine of Vessels (Generosity) → talk less negatively to myself and others
  • Where to draw strength/resources for the goal/project : Ace of Stones → its up to me to manifest success
  • What to avoid: Two of Vessels (Attraction): avoid romance rn, and I couldn’t agree more

Overall, this turned out to be both on the mark and insightful for me. Some things I knew; others, like how I am setting my self up for failure by talking too negatively about my phd, were revelations. Hopefully some of you can make use of this spread as well.


It looks great
the deck and the spread

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Thank you :slight_smile:

This looks really good! Might try this one out tonight :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I hope it works well for you :slight_smile: