Horror Film Logic

I was watching one of my favourite channels on Youtube which find faults with all of the popular films out there (If the moderators permit me in any of the replies to this post I will specify which channel exactly as I wouldn’t want to ‘promote’ anything :)) aaaand I’ve stumbled upon ‘mistakes’ in Paranormal activity franchise, Drag Me To Hell, Woman in Black, Insidious, Last Exorcism and loads of other horror films specifically tailored to be about the paranormal, not the gory kind.

Now I have to admit this, before I got into black magic on a serious level Exorcism of Emily Rose was the film that made me so paranoid I couldn’t sleep for months. Yes, I spent the following several months sleeping 4 hours a night on a very good night (we all find different things scary. Spiders? I actually don’t mind them at all :)). And then I made the mistake of listening to the actual tapes the film was based on on Youtube. Add another couple of months of not sleeping to the previous ones.

Now when I watch the film NOW it kind of makes me giggle in a way. All I want to do is argue points of the film, but several parts of the film actually feel authentic to me at this point still, but now in a negative way.

Can we go a bit more shallow and at the same time a bit deeper and discuss what horror films have influenced us and how? It’s a Friday night subject after all. :slight_smile:

That’s totally fine, the promotions thing is to keep the scammers away, but we can discuss channels and other people’s work.

Back out of “mod mode” :slight_smile: I like examining these kinds of movies from a different POV as well, the funniest one (for my warped brain) was Paranormal Activity which I saw as one love-sticken demon’s attempts to get with the girl he loved, I mean how schweetums is it he carried her photo round (bit singed at the edges iirc) for almost 2 decades - and he didn’t even have physical hands?!

Much better bet IMO than that tosser she was actually with… lol!

Sada from the (Japanese) Ringu movies is another hero of mine, damn she kicks some ass, all whilst keeping her white frock clean which frankly, put me in white and within seconds I’ve somehow got coffee stains on it, so she scores for both determination and also sartorial savvy, and I have the books (in translation, I’m not that cultured) and they add a good level to the DVDs and just make her seem even cooler.

I used to be terrified by “real life” possession stories, growing up we had a lot of (supposedly) genuine ones, like “Mine To Kill” and others I’ve forgotten. One thing I found that was mentioned in those was an increasing taste for weird, bitter foods when possessed, though in my case only partial demonic possession, but I “get it” why the girls in those were drinking vinegar and eating increasingly bizarre things.

Then there was that famous case of the kids in a supposedly haunted house who’d fly round the room - happy days! :slight_smile:

All these things had an influence and I think what frightened me as a kid began to fascinate me later, I mean possession is kind of taking a holiday in someone else’s soul-state (if you’re conscious and aware) and I’ve very much enjoyed the sheer experience of possessions done since then, not all demonic, but even the ones that were, were interesting.

Which makes me think the human scaredy-cat protagonists in these movies and books, they just need to live a little!

I did like the scene in one of the Ringu movies where the woman tries to comfort Sada, she actually hugs her rotting body, that was beautiful from a psychopomp point of view, and then of course Sada’s still pissed, and makin’ videos… :slight_smile:

So hell yeah love this topic, it’s funny to watch videos about the terror of demonic possession (etc) when you actually do it for real!

Fun topic!

I can’t say how much I’ve been influenced by any horror movies per se but there have certainly been some that have given me food for thought.

The Others with Nicole Kidman was an interesting take on the ghost story that offered an intriguing angle on the possibilities of what might occur on the other side of the veil.

Jacob’s Ladder was a modern take on a premise originally presented by Ambrose Bierce in his short story Incident At Owl Creek that demonstrates some interesting phenomenon that may occur in the dying brain.

Flatliners was brilliant in its demonstration of medical students experimenting with near death experiences and how crossing that line then returning to life evoked each individuals personal demons into physical reality.

The satanic trilogy of Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, and The Omen will always be perennial favorites of mine.

I highly recommend the documentary The Haunted Boy based on the real life case the movie The Exorcist was based on. At the time of the making of the documentary the bed the possessed boy laid on during all the hullabaloo had been locked away in a cold, military storage. Very strange and interesting case.

If I may indulge myself here’s a list of some classic favorites;

The Shining (Stanley Kubrick’s with good old Jack)
The Mist
Angel Heart (Robert De Niro made a wonderful Lucifer)
The Lost Boys (Vampire initiations rock!)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the seventies version with Donald Sutherland)
The Thing (John Carpenter’s)
Dark City
Hellraiser I & II
Exorcist III
Burnt Offerings (Karen Black was irresistible)
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Interview With The Vampire (almost made being a vampire look as fun as the Lost Boys)
Wickerman (the seventies version with the late Sir Chrstopher Lee, not the lame 21st century American remake with Nicholas Cage)
From Hell
Twilight Zone: The Movie
It Follows ( a recent movie that rates really high on the creep factor about a demon who stalks its victims, highly recommended)

As far as modern horror, I have to give kudos to the VHS series specifically VHS Viral. Some really well made and disturbing stuff in that one (the satanic blimp that emitted sounds like a muslim prayer call was a touch of pure genius). This movie is horror for the 21st Century.

Antichrist with Willem Dafoe (the uncensored version) about the horror of psychosis.

Although not a horror movie, I watched Caligula (the uncut version) the other night and it certainly demonstrates the horror those in unchecked power can perpetrate upon their subjects. Some really fantastic footage in that movie, especially the Roman orgies (but you must watch the uncut X rated version to get the real impact of the movie).

Last month for “Halloween season” I went on a Hammer Horror binge and watched the entire Dracula series, eight of them in total, seven starring Sir Christopher Lee. I really want to make him my favorite Dracula but just can’t get myself to bump dear old Bela out of the number one spot. :slight_smile:

Now this sounds like something I absolutely MUST see. :slight_smile:

Btw the channel I love so much on YouTube is CinemaSins and the video that inspired the topic is below:


Thanks for some great recommendations there! :slight_smile:

“Mine To Kill” was a book - I must get another copy and read it through more educated (and experienced) eyes, anyway this is the info: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/187852.Mine_to_Kill

I wouldn’t say any horror movies have influenced me, but I do love the genre. So if I may, some personal faves:

The Ninth Gate- Think what you will about Roman Polanski, he makes great movies. A great performance by Johnny Depp as well.

The Ring- Sorry Lady Eva, I prefer the American version. I have seen Ringu, and I didn’t find it nearly as creepy as the American. I was surprised, the Japanese do “creepy” exceedingly well. The sequel sucked, but they usually do.

Sleepy Hollow- lol, I know, right? What can I say, I love Halloween. Typical Tim Burton, but I love the period costumes, cinematography, comic book gore, etc. This one I watch just for fun. And Christopher Walken. How can a movie with him in it not be cool?

Prince of Darkness- One of John Carpenters better movies, IMHO. Kinda sci-fi/horror. Universally panned by critics, but I like it. It’s worth at least one watch.

From Dusk Til Dawn- Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Fun and funny. George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Cheech Marin and the always delicious Selma Hayek.

Watch the atticus institute he he he. REAL events laboratpry testing of psi subjects until they meet Judy.

i’ve actually watched the atticus institute incident.If it really was based on real events they were dumb fucks trying to control that spirit.

It was very interesting though I thought in a metaphysical sense. Of course the Entity was not a possession, which made me have to think.


Carnival of Souls.

No special effects, no shallow “horror” of mere physical violence or bodily dismemberment, just masterful suspense and powerful atmosphere. And the story behind its filming makes you wonder if some spirits of the land didn’t just inspire the director with the vision to be manifested?

A movie called 5 Girls. It’s about a woman who offers 5 souls in exchange for her younger sister who was taken to Hell.

I watch a LOT of horror movies and it was the only one I’ve seen where someone cast a magic circle, consecrated to the Wiccan Goddess, to defend themselves from the demons, rather than using Christianity. And it was very effective, which is something you rarely see in mainstream movies.

If I remember correctly, Belial was the one who broke it.

i don’t like the horror genre so much, but this movie i really enjoyed.

As Above So Below

the main thing i like about it is that there is no BOO!!! and i even didn’t know it’s a horror movie, until it developed, so i got tricked into watching a horror

the sense of true horror develops gradually.

Bookmarked, thanks! :slight_smile:

By the way this is a handy tool - looks up what region of Netflix has a particular film, for example Gravity is available to Netflix viewers whose IP addresses indicate that they live in New Zealand & Canada etc - also has lists of the languages & subtitles available:


I know it’ll sound weird, but I very much enjoyed Rec. It seems just like a regular run of the mill zombie film until you learn that these people are not infected, they’re possessed. It was rather creepy actually, I didn’t expect that. Then again, I’ve read loads about possession, but never seen someone who’s possessed. It’s definitely on the ‘To do’ list in the future.

Probably the most important horror films in regards to what I do in my personal magical practice would be the 1982 version of The thing and Invasion of the bodysnatchers.

Others that have some importance to my work in the occult for one reason or another would be Hellraiser, the grudge, the ring, Godzilla, and Jurassic World

“The Thing” 1982 with Kurt Russell.

The film and its soundtrack remind me that…

We cannot trust whatever the work is to be everything it appears to be, or not to kill us in the process of cause and effect, evolution or outright malign intentions. Turn your back on nothing or risk the dire consequences of inattention.

I’ve never seen a “horror”/paranormal movie that entirely reflect my own experiences, but there is a few exceptions when it comes to my ladies darker personalities.

The Grudge
I’ve seen this movie a few years before I started my spiritual journey and found it quite scary. In some instances, one of my ladies digged deep to manifest as the main antagonist of that movie. I wasn’t scared though, but found it fascinating of that kind of appearances. So I guess there could be some “truth” to the existence of these kind of entities. And, yes, the hairy part was quite intimidating and more freaky than in the movie. No growling sound, though. lol

I saw a documentary on Netflix which I found interesting. It’s called The Nightmare and the main subject is sleeping paralysis. The “victims” had several experiences in common with shadow people and a shadowy figure wearing a hat. The common response to their experiences was fear, but one of the “victims” did have a love/hate relationship within his experience and he wanted to investigate it further. Another one became religious and called herself “saved” because of it. I can, partially, relate to their experiences with a big exception that I never felt frightened. In my experience, getting in the state of a sleeping paralysis, have it’s purpose and the emotion of fear can make it worse. But when fear is out of the system, it becomes fascinating and enjoyable.

[quote=“succupedia, post:17, topic:6701”]The Grudge
I’ve seen this movie a few years before I started my spiritual journey and found it quite scary. In some instances, one of my ladies digged deep to manifest as the main antagonist of that movie. I wasn’t scared though, but found it fascinating of that kind of appearances. So I guess there could be some “truth” to the existence of these kind of entities. And, yes, the hairy part was quite intimidating and more freaky than in the movie. No growling sound, though. lol[/quote]

That film genuinely gives me the creeps, same as The Unborn.

I liked “The Skeleton Key” :


There isn’t that much horror movies that have succubus/incubus theme in the sense of covering the mythology. There is sub-themes, though, that covers the partial myth of Eve as a female sexual predator, and other themes of similar kind.

We have the movie called The Entity which have the male counterpart of incubus as a haunting rapist. This movie is based on “real events” during 1970’s. I have seen this movie and didn’t like it at all. The reason for dislike is because of my workings and relationship with “succubus” and I find the theme of succubus/incubus as generalized dogma. That doesn’t mean there isn’t violent succubus/incubus out there. The dualism is just as common as humans, but the worst behavior of humans is, in my opinion, less common for entities of succubus and incubus.