Hoodoo Divorce Spell

Hi all,
I’m new to the occult and have spent some time reading the forums here. I recently worked with a Hoodoo practitioner on a divorce spell to end my ex’s marriage. She reported that the candle burned for 22 hours and ended with a broken ring and a cave. She said that the number 22 is a good omen and that it could signify that the work would take affect in 22 days, weeks, etc or have another connection to the number 22 such as the 22nd of a month. She also said that the broken ring in the cave of the candle was a good omen that made it look like they would get divorced but they had to be protected from outside influences in order for that to happen.

I’m just here to get some of the communities thoughts. Her report has more detail, which I would be happy to provide as well.

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Thank you for sharing it with us!
I was always curious about hoodoo tradition personally. What she said seems right…
Would you mind to say her name?
And ofcourse you can keep us updated for any changes but please, don’t think about it now, let the energies work :blush:

thank you for courage to tell your story.

Thank you for the courage to tell your story. It is very hard to make such a decision. I also had a similar story. I wanted to divorce but I always was thinking about how my children will feel with divorced parents. I was thinking a lot about the pros cons of divorce and also I have read a lot of forums like breakupangels.com and I understood that I should divorce. If you don’t feel comfortable at home with your family you should divorce. This was the main reason why I divorced. Now I am friends with my ex-husbands and our children are very happy that their parents remained friends, even after divorce.

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