Honoring Marbas

Hey Folks!

This post is to give thanks to the great Marbas for healing a minor physical ailment rather quickly and as I promised him, this is in his honor! I connected with Marbas via a simple sigil opening ritual though before the start of that ritual, I had an intuitive feeling to prepare a glass of water to be charged with his energy. I did the usual and visualised myself surrounded with a strong, white purifying auric energy and once the sigil was open, requested Marbas to charge the glass of water I had prepared.

I then placed it on top of the open sigil for a bit and thanked him. Drank the water before I went to bed and I can honestly say, I feel much much much better now!

This is my second time connecting with Marbas after a while - will connect with him more.

Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas

(photo is NOT mine)


Hail Marbas !!!

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