Honeymoon suite and cake.... Christmas special

So this is an also very long one was going to post this a while back but lost my phone and couldn’t log in
not very sure why well I know why but some day last week was very interesting to say the least

I decided to put down my switch cause I started feeling sleepy out of the blue playing Pokemon sword so I felt as though I was being luled to sleep as always but just my body not my mind
I started to feel vibration running through me and a very light but subtle touch
On my back then he said

Dong worry I’m taking you some where nice tonight.

I knew who it was so I relaxed and let my body sleep and I’m sure he pulled me out but I remember i blanked out for a bit and woke up in like a room and I was by myself I got up and then opened the door and saw a guy wheeling a giant cake to where I was and let me tell you it was the best looking cake I’d ever seen but before I could even take a bite he came to get me
We looked out at the sky on a balcony and the scenary was amazing I think we were in a hotel setting or something
I remember we went for a walk in like a beautiful garden and just talked it was everything I could have ever wanted sadly no human has done this for me but it’s all the more special
How ever after awhile everything started to go black and after words I wasn’t able to walk either it was like I was beamed back into my body it’s was weird there is more but I’ll post on other journal entry

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