Honey Semen Jar gone wrong?

So somebody told me,to get a jar, add honey,sugar,red food color, rose fragrance, a pink petition paper with my lovers and my name tied with a red knot, and i had his semen on a tissue paper (which dried for like 15-20 minutes after he left after wiping him himself off.

I put everything in that jar.Its been a week -10 days now, and this person has now like completely disappeared. That is SO weird ! Do you guys think,i could call sitri or lilith,burn their candle and incense on the jar lid and make them bless it? Or just throw it away? Maybe this composition is wrong of the ingredients above…i know,one shouldnt mess with DNA…but i wanted to get this attention and love…

In case,i want to throw it away,how does one dispose it ? fill it with water?? So all the effects vanish then.
Please guide me folks.

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What are the “effects” you are trying to stop?

And you’re kinda cute. How are you having love issues?


Were you guys a couple before you cast this spell ?

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no…just dating unfortuntely

Ahm well,the negative effects are basically that he has stopped even checking my whatsapp status for example, his entire attention has diverted,sorry for english…i mean that it seems like he has forgotten about me.
It was not like that,before doing this jar. Oh man,i am tensed now.

Well,it seems backlashed.I would suggest undoing the spell first.Then its up to you what to do.

yeah but how to undo it?

I dont know,I am a newbie like you,but I think do that ritaul reverse this time.Sorry if this doesnt help.

Not her real photo btw. This photo is of some Russian girl modeling for Russian fur shop. So yeah.

About the spell: I did read here on the forum
That sometimes love spell seemed like it made it worse, but after sometime everything goes back to the good side, so patience I think?


Get a reading done, or even hire someone. Stop listening to free advice.


Yes,the pic is fake.And i guess he didnt say cute because of my pic,but because of the statement i made.Lol.

And yeah, i guess maybe patience…

Be patient love.

Things fall apart in order to manifest in the way you desire.

Perhaps in order for him to commit to you, he must first fail with someone else.

Let go of expectations and believe you will get what you want in the end.

I always tell people avoid love magic. With magic i find we always get both sides of the coin. You will experience the heartbreak then the love. If you want the breakup, often the relationship will get better then flip on its head.

This is because of the bipolar nature of emotions.
Love can turn to hate and vice versa so sometimes the opposite extreme manifests, after all energy takes the path of least resistance, if he was all that comittee the path of least resistance is for him to be let down by another in order to appreciate you more.
Same concept as “if they hate you they still care”

This is my humble opinion. I dont use this form of magic other than for other people on request. So take this with a grain of salt

If its a true lover you seek. Ask to be guided to them not for a specific person to come.